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June 16, 2024

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2024 Beijing Family Education Theme Cultivation Practice Start

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Qianlong News On the occasion of the 29th World World Reading Day, "communicate and make your home warmer" in 202
Qianlong News On the occasion of the 29th World World Reading Day, “communicate and make your home warmer” in 2024 Beijing Family Education Theme Cultivation Practice was officially launched in the Beijing Urban Library.CCTV Children’s Program host Hong Guoguo and Green Bubbles were hired as a public welfare ambassador to cultivate the theme of Beijing Family Education theme in 2024.
Professor Bian Yufang, director of the Institute of Psychological Health and Education and Director of the Children’s Family Education Center of Beijing Normal University, conducts an in -depth interpretation of the theme of “communication, warmer home”, and explains communication skills from the aspects of cognition, emotion, motivation and behavior, respectively.The importance of it, and explains the way to improve the ability of communication, help children better establish an emotional connection with others, help parents realize effective communication with their children, and better understand children.
Combined with the “4.23” World Book Day, hundreds of books were collected to major publishing houses, inviting experts in various fields such as children’s psychology, education, and publishing to select 20 books around the theme of “Communication”.Children read theme books, publish the “Communication” theme book list on the spot, and give the children’s representatives theme book. I hope they can understand the power of reading and become a better self through reading the spiritual world.
Ge Bing, a child literary writer and member of the Chinese Writers Association, shared the main purpose, focusing on “communicating the harbor of love to gather love”, combined with personal experience and creation, telling the help of family life experience for writing.
Since 2020, the Municipal Women’s Federation, the Municipal Education Commission, and the Municipal Customs and Industry Commission have continued to jointly carry out the practice of the theme of the year’s family education. They release a family education theme each year, organize a variety of theme practical activities, and explore the creation of a new model of family education.This year, it will take “communication and warm the home” as the theme of the year’s tutor. Through recommendation theme book list, release theme promotional videos, and launch “my family parenting story” solicitation and display, etc., consolidate the school’s family social education, advocate family membersAdapt to communication between them, cultivate children and children in discharge, learn to listen, and jointly create a warm and harmonious family atmosphere.
Since April, the organizer will hold a “Xinrui Project” family tutoring forum in the Beijing Urban Library every month to invite experts in relevant fields to carry out 8 consecutive games around family education topics such as children’s psychology, children’s growth, parent -child communication and other family education topics.Public welfare lectures help parents master the scientific parenting concepts and methods, enhance family development capabilities, and cultivate good children in the new era.
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