April 23, 2024

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360 Commercialization 2024 National Channel Partner Exchange Meeting to successfully end, AI -based upgrading helps new growth of corporate marketing

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The AI era swept away, the integration of technology and business collided, developing new productive forces, and becoming a new era pr

    The AI era swept away, the integration of technology and business collided, developing new productive forces, and becoming a new era proposition.

  In order to better help the development of regional business and empower the industry’s marketing growth.On March 17th and 23rd, 360 commercialization held two national channel partner exchange conferences.With the theme of “looking up at the starry sky”, Huang Jian, vice president of 360 Group, 360 commercialization president, Wang Yi, general manager of the 360 commercialization channel department, and other 360 commercialization business leaders with dozens of channel partners from all over the country.Get together to explore new opportunities for development under the new proposition of the times.

  Zhou Hongyi, the founder of the 360 Group, appeared at the meeting in the form of a “digital avatar” and delivered a speech.”Digital Lao Zhou” pointed out that in 2024, the 360 company’s major models mainly had two strategic directions.At the general model level, the positioning of 360 to it is to solve the security problem of general models, so that the big model is safe, good, credible, and controllable, and become the best assistant tool for human beings.At the application level of large models, large models should be used to digitize industries to help enterprises customize their own industrial and scenario large models.It is hoped that the partners present can continue with 360, all in AI, embrace AI, and jointly seize the new opportunities brought by the artificial intelligence wave.

Zhou Hongyi, the founder of 360 Group, “Digital Person”

  To undertake the 360 Group strategy, the commercialization of 360 will also take advantage of the momentum in 2024 to move forward, and the multi -dimensional force will help regional businesses to achieve high -quality growth.

  Doing deeper and thoroughly, pioneering and innovation

  Traverson fluctuations with real power

  Huang Jian, Vice President of 360 Group and CEO of 360, delivered a speech at the meeting. He pointed out that in 2023, in the wave of existing competition and AI models, 360 was steadily advanced on a number of key business indicators to achieve the Internet to achieve the Internet.The steady growth of the advertising business; quickly investing in reasonable resource verification, and found exports for the development of innovative business such as intelligent marketing clouds and mini -games; focusing on “smart business reconstruction”, 360 commercialization actively promotes the construction of the agent system, through physical sensation through physical feelings, through physical feelingsThe strong sales support policies and key measures have created a more pragmatic, professional, more efficient, and more agile agent system.

Huang Jian, Vice President of 360 Group and CEO of 360 Commercialization

  Supported by excellent organizational strength, in the first year after the epidemic, 360 commercialization and channel partners quickly entered the combat state, and effectively and efficiently achieved the development goals.

  In 2024, the market environment is still full of challenges. In the context of the era of stock, advertisers have been cautious in their attitudes, and “cost reduction and efficiency” will still be the keywords of the marketing industry, but at the same time, new opportunities are also emerging.

  In the era of Internet stock competition, major platforms are facing the same difficulties -traffic growth and user duration tend to be saturated, and the platform content ecology and user behavior habits are relatively solidified.Copy this situation, the trend of the equal rights of traffic is emerging.In the platform, the traffic will not blindly gather to the head players, and it will be more friendly to the long -tail brand and small and medium creators; between the platform, the closed monopoly information island is broken, the traffic accelerates the interconnection, and the unique advantages and value of different media are gradually advertising.The Lord is recognized.The advantage of 360 as an open advertising ecology is also displayed. 360 commercialization can more conveniently and directly help to obtain customers from all walks of life and different sizes, and improve the conversion rate.

  After more than a year of rapid development, the big model technology will also usher in the first year of the scene application.At the 360 Group level, it is actively embracing the era of AI models from the level of security strategy, large model layout, and organizational power construction; at the product level, 360 AI search, 360AI and other advantage of Internet products have achieved AI upgrades.To undertake the large model strategy of the group, 360 commercialization will also further promote the AI upgrade of commercial products. With diversified, integrated, intelligent commercial products and operating services that guarantee, and ultimate experience, full -link enhanced digital marketing marketing”AI in AI”.

  At the level of alliances, sales operations, and innovation, 360 commercialization will continue to do deeper, pioneering innovation.At the same time, further optimize the construction of the agent system, refine the management of the high -efficiency agent system, and work together to jointly cross the new economic cycle of fluctuations.

  Create an agent capability system

  Help regional business high -quality development

  A healthy and sustainable partner ecology is an important cornerstone of the commercialization of 360.Focusing on the construction of the agent system, Wang Yi, general manager of the 360 Commercial Channel Department, brought strategic sharing.

Wang Yi, general manager of 360 Commercialization Channel Department

  Wang Yi pointed out that in 2024, 360 commercialization will focus on creating an agent capabilities system, which can be able to uniformly recognize, quantified, and standardized index systems as assessment tools to enhance the scientific and preciseness of the agent system management.Improve and optimize the core indicators of regional businesses, continue to evolve organizational power, create a more efficient and high -energy, sustainable and long -distance running partner ecology.

  With the development of channel partner exchange conferences, 360 Smart Commercial 2024 advertising promotional videos have also “lit landmarks” one after another.The founder of the 360 Group Zhou Hongyi appeared in the economic center zone of 11 major cities such as Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Beijing in the form of “AI Digital Man”.Also simply displayed simultaneously, highlighting the determination of 360 smart business in 2024 to help regional enterprises’ business growth.

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