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Alessa-Catriona Propster Surprises Everyone with a Dream Start in UCI Track Champions League

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Germany’s rising star, Alessa-Catriona Propster, is astounded by her remarkable performance in the 2023 UCI Track Champions League. After one round, she finds herself leading the women’s sprint competition, an unexpected feat that brings her to her homeland, ready to showcase her talent in front of her home crowd, family, and friends. With a down-to-earth approach, she emphasizes the importance of staying calm and not overthinking her success.

Propster reflects on her incredible journey, stating, “It was just crazy. I never expected that it would go so well. When I came to Mallorca, I didn’t know how my form was, and now I have this beautiful jersey.” Her UCI Track Champions League debut was nothing short of a dream start, as she defeated the recently crowned World Champion, Emma Finucane, in the opening event.

Approaching the final without a specific tactical plan, Propster found herself in an advantageous position lower on the track, which suited her strengths. Seizing the opportunity, she surged ahead, quickly establishing a significant lead. While Finucane made a late charge, Propster maintained her speed and secured a clear and commanding victory.

Surprised by the margin of her win, Propster pondered whether her competitors may have underestimated her. She acknowledges, “Yeah, maybe a little bit, but I think they know that I can be strong.” Despite being somewhat critical of her performance in the keirin, she attributed it to the shorter recovery time between races. Her determination paid off, resulting in an impressive third-place finish.

Alessa-Catriona Propster Surprises Everyone with a Dream Start in UCI Track Champions League

The combination of these two remarkable results catapulted Propster to the overall lead in the women’s sprint league, just in time for her home round in Berlin. While her hometown of Swabia is a distance from the capital, she can count on strong local support. Excited and nervous about the upcoming race, Propster anticipates the presence of her friends and family, making the event extra special.

With the spotlight now on her, Alessa-Catriona Propster understands the importance of staying cool and not succumbing to overthinking. To maintain her lead, she must keep her composure, especially with only a three-point advantage over Colombia’s Martha Bayona. This experience is a dream come true for Propster, who admitted, “I never believed it when I said to Kristina Vogel after the sprint that it would be funny to be in the leader’s jersey in Berlin.”

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