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Brecel, Selby, Higgins Risk ‘Breach of Contract’ by Skipping Northern Ireland Open – WST

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World Champion Luca Brecel, along with former world champions Mark Selby and John Higgins, are among five players said to be skipping the upcoming Northern Ireland Open in favor of an exhibition in Macau. The World Snooker Tour issued a statement on Tuesday, expressing disapproval of the players’ decision, labeling it a potential “contract breach.”

The World Snooker Tour has said that any player skipping the upcoming Northern Ireland Open can be considered in breach of contract with rumours swirling that big names will miss the Home Nations event.

In a statement released on Tuesday the WST moved to clarify some of the internet rumours saying that five players had indeed said it was their intention to miss the Northern Ireland Open and to play in an exhibition event in Macau.

The players named are current world champion Luca Brecel, multiple world champions Mark Selby and John Higgins plus Thepchaiya Un-Nooh and Ali Carter. The statement says these five players have withdrawn their entry.

The WST said they were “disappointed” and added that this can be considered as “being in breach of the terms of their player contract” despite stressing that it is not compulsory for every WST player to enter every WST event.

The International Championship in Tianjin City runs from Sunday, November 5-12 – the first time it has been on the WST since 2019 due to the Covid-19 pandemic – and top players are opting to travel to China early to play in exhibition events in preparation for the lucrative tournament.

In turn, this will mean players would miss the Northern Ireland Open that will be played from Sunday, October 22-29.


The WST is disappointed to hear that a number of players under contract with the WST have elected not to play in a WST event, preferring instead to play in a non-sanctioned event in Macau thereby being in breach of the terms of their player contract.

Following recent speculation and the publication of an article containing many inaccuracies, the WST would like to make its position clear regarding non-sanctioned exhibition events.

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It is important to stress that WST players do not have to enter all WST events, they have the freedom to choose, which has always been the case. This level of freedom is unlike any other sport where players have voluntarily opted to enter contracts with their club/organisation. However, with this level of freedom we do make clear in our player contracts that a player must not do anything that is detrimental to the WST or a WST event. It is without doubt that playing in a non-sanctioned event instead of playing in a WST event is detrimental to that WST event.

Brecel, Selby, Higgins Risk ‘Breach of Contract’ by Skipping Northern Ireland Open – WST

Given the exhibition event in Macau directly clashes with the final stages of the Northern Ireland Open, a player’s participation in it would constitute a breach of their player contract given that to compete in Macau, the player would not be available to compete in the Northern Ireland Open thereby devaluing the Northern Ireland Open.

Unfortunately, despite engaging in email correspondence and phone calls intended to best explain our position and enable the players to make informed decisions, five players (four of whom are ranked within the top 16) have decided not to compete in the Northern Ireland Open and have withdrawn their entry in order to play in Macau. These players are Mark Selby, John Higgins, Luca Brecel, Thepchaiya Un-Nooh and Ali Carter, none of whom will therefore appear in Belfast.

As a result, if these players decide to participate in the exhibition in Macau, the WST will have no alternative but to refer them to the WPBSA Disciplinary Committee for breach of their player contract, and this has been clearly communicated to the players.

Taking necessary action in these circumstances protects WST events on behalf of the fans who attend and follow our events through television and social media, our sponsors/commercial partners, broadcasters/streaming partners and most importantly, the other 125 members of the WST.

WST has always been and will continue to be supportive of a player’s earning opportunities outside of the WST provided that these do not distract, devalue, or conflict with the WST or a WST event. Players and promoters have ample opportunity to play in and host non-sanctioned events during gaps in the WST calendar. The WST does not therefore support any clash with a WST event and would consider a player’s decision to prioritise a non-sanctioned event clashing with a WST event to be a breach of their player contract, as this would undoubtedly result in sizeable financial implications to the WST including loss of broadcast income, and sponsorship and ticket sales revenue let alone losses due to any reputational damage.

We want to emphasize that our primary guiding principle is to manage the sport for the benefit of all 130 players on the World Snooker Tour.

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