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May 24, 2024

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Can you exercise and make friends?The baby is good, this place is great!

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Take the escalator to the three floors of Bohui Square, a "secret base" with a wide area and fresh air in the eyes.This is the air garden in B

Take the escalator to the three floors of Bohui Square, a “secret base” with a wide area and fresh air in the eyes.This is the air garden in Bohui Plaza, and it is also the place of the “Xiaoxi Mongolian Movement Center”.At 3 pm, parents took the children and their “sports tools” to balance the car to the sports center.

“Come on, kids! There is still a circle!” With curious mood, the reporter entered the Xiaoxi Meng Movement Center with the parents and opened the heavy door. You can hear the voice encouraged by the teachers. The children on the side are eager to tryThere are also some seemingly introverted; parents raise their mobile phones aside, always preparing to shoot the children’s scenes while playing on the venue.

“Actually you sit here for a long time, and it is easy to see few children in the class.” Then, Xu Fei, the principal of Xiaoximeng Balanced Car Club, pointed to a child who looked a little introverted not far away, “This little girl came here about three lessons. “The little girl wearing a pink top seemed a little embarrassed. She watched the people of the same age riding a balance car around and the exercise skilled, she looked even more cowardly.

At this time, He Lisha, the manager of the Xiaoxi Mongolian Movement Center, called the little girl gentle with the yellow foam stick, and slowly guided her in front.Slowly bypassed around and circled. Whenever the girl stagnated, the children who resting were shouting “refueling” with a soft waxy and loud voice, and kept applauding her.The little girl finally rides slowly and firmly in the sound of encouragement.

This kind of thing happened almost every day at the Xiaosi Meng Mongolian Movement Center. “We hope that children can have good physical fitness from an early age, and they can not be frightened.” Xu Fei said, “We mainly hope to help children establish the foundation of the sports and develop a good good.Habits, cultivate their self -confidence, courage and teamwork spirit. “

When the reporter was preparing to say goodbye, he found that there was a instrument at the door, which seemed to be incompatible at the venue full of mobile equipment.According to Xu Fei, this system allows children to complete different levels in the form of breakthroughs. By capturing the children’s sports data, the child’s physical data is collected. Through the comparison of big data, the child’s physical development data is analyzed.right.

“The test of height and body state is a matter of care for parents of each child 2-10. In order to allow parents and children to understand their physical fitness more clearly, we deliberately introduced the ‘intelligent physical measurement system’.” Xu Fei said”This system is also convenient for us to understand the different physical fitness of each child. Last time we held a parent -child sports meeting, I asked each child to test it.”

“At that time, because my son liked it, I thought about making a balanced car shop, and let him come to play more.” When he mentioned the naughty son at home, Xu Fei smiled. “It is a very fulfilling thing for children to learn sports and fall in love with sports.Almost all of them will have corresponding enlightenment training.As if the entire venue entered the lively and dreamy atmosphere.

“Originally, I wanted to expand some courses for upper limb training, but the venue of the venue was not enough, so it was temporarily stopped.” Xu Fei regretted, “We moved from the colorful city of Huangpu Greenland.After you come here, you will feel that the venue is not big there, but the traffic here is more convenient. “

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