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On March 20, at the Yan'an fungal ship Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Yan'an Customs staff conducted random inspection

On March 20, at the Yan’an fungal ship Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Yan’an Customs staff conducted random inspection of a batch of fungal rods that were about to export.Dong Jiannan Photo

The first rank of the “Yanasio” section of the Central European trains will be launched to build an international logistics channel connecting Xi’an and directly to Eurasia;

  Apple crispies were exported to Israel for the first time. Fresh Apple exported to Kazakhstan for the first time. The mushroom bacteria stick was exported to the United States for the first time.

  The “circle of friends” has continued to expand, and more than 50 countries and regions in foreign trading …

  Yan’an City, located in the hinterland of the Loess Plateau, has a collection of resource endowments and has obvious location advantages.In recent years, Yan’an City has actively integrated into the “Belt and Road” pattern of co -construction, anchoring to create the goal of inland reform and opening up highland, continuously broaden the open channels, accelerate the cultivation of open economic entities, continuously optimize the business environment, and strive to promote more high qualityProducts go global, introduce more high -quality projects, and more conditional companies have gone abroad to accelerate the establishment of a strong open -regional open system.

  In 2023, Yan’an City completed a total value of 1.98 billion yuan in foreign trade, an increase of 13.2%year -on -year; export value was 310 million yuan, an increase of 2.3 times; the transaction volume of cross -border e -commerce was 170 million yuan, and the open economy showed adversity and stability.Good situation.

  Unblocked open channels

  At 14:50 on December 20, 2023, with the sound of the whistle, the first China -Europe Train “Yancoro” specially carried 10 cold chain counters 210 tons of Yan’an Apple and 25 Putong counters, starting from the Yan’an Train North Station,After assembly at Xi’an International Port Station, it was exported to Vietnam, Russia and other countries.

  The running of the first Chinese and European trains “Yanasio” specially marked Yan’an City to join the “circle of friends” in Xi’an Port, build a seamless connection between Yan’an and Xi’an, and directly reach Eurasia’s international logistics channel.

  For the first time, this special list used refrigerated container transportation, which solved problems in the previous Yan’an Apple export capacity, high transportation price, and difficult to keep fresh, and opened a new international transportation channel for fresh products such as Yan’an Fruit.

  ”The high -quality Yan’an Apple takes the Central European trains and can reach Vietnam for sales in 8 to 10 days. This not only shortens the transportation time, ensures the freshness and quality of the fruit, but also greatly reduces the damage rate.Competitiveness and added value. “Guo Liang, general manager of the Pagoda District Supply and Marketing Corporation of the Pagoda District of Yan’an City, said that the company also plans to rely on the Central and European trains to carry out Apple trade cooperation with Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

  Focusing on interconnection and interoperability, do a good job in the construction of “hard channels” such as infrastructure; focus on mutual benefit and benefit, and do a good job in the construction of “soft channels” for exchanges and cooperation between economy, culture, technology, education, sports, and other exchanges.Yan’an City has continuously strengthened the awareness of openness, supplemented the shortcomings of openness, and gave full play to the advantages of open platforms such as the National Cross -border E -commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone and the Linking Station Economic Zone, accelerated the construction of the coordinated innovation zone of the Shaanxi Free Trade Pilot Zone, and established a comprehensive and more way.The new pattern of openness and wide fields is open to the outside world.At the same time, Yan’an focuses on improving the energy levels of various platforms, improving the carrying capacity of the industrial park, actively building a new open platform, and further supporting the development of an open economic development.

  With the opportunity of the China -Europe Train “Yanasio” special line, Yan’an gives full play to the advantages of energy and characteristic agricultural product resources, continuously promotes the interconnection of infrastructure, strengthens supply of source organization and service, and accelerates the support of the national land and port logistics hubs to carry cities and national backbones.The construction of cold chain logistics bases has continuously shaped the new advantages of new momentum of open economic development.

  Enterprise “break the wind and break the waves” to break the market

  On March 20th, in Yan’an fungus Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yan’an fungal shipbiotics”) in Pingping Town, Hezhuang Town, Pakistani District, Yan’an City, Yan’an Customs staff was sampling on a batch of upcoming fungus sticks.Help enterprises go through related procedures for exports of goods.Not long ago, 39,600 bags of fungus rods of Yan’an fungus biology had just exported to the United States.As soon as the work was resumed, the enterprise opened the same horsepower to make the remaining orders.

  ”Last year, our company opened the US market and signed an export order worth 1 million US dollars. At present, the 130,000 bags of fungal stick export tasks have been completed.” Li Xu, general manager of Yan’an fungus ship, said.

  Yan’an fungus biology is mainly engaged in edible fungus planting, bacterial rod processing, and bacterial development and sales. The annual output of 3 million bags of edible bacteria rods, with an output value of more than 20 million yuan.However, at the beginning of the signing of product export orders, the processing of various procedures made Li Xu “two eyes”.

  ”From registering for filing, checking declaration, to coordinating the resolution of bank account opening and settlement, Yan’an Customs staff handle and provide the ‘nanny -style’ service in the process, help me solve the problems encountered during the product export process.Switch to overseas. “Li Xu said that the company will continue to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, continue to expand production capacity, expand overseas markets, and seek greater development opportunities.

  Liu Jingjing, Chief of the Division of Yan’an Customs Investigation, told reporters that in order to help companies with export intentions actively expand overseas markets, Yan’an Customs fully understands corporate demands, carry out policy preaching and law publicity, and guide enterprises to complete export qualification filing for target market access requirements., Improve self -inspection and self -control capabilities; make good use of the “green channel” of specialty agricultural products, implement a 24 -hour appointment inspection to improve business turnover and supervision efficiency, and escort the enterprise “going to sea”.

  At the same time, Yan’an City has continued to increase the cultivation of foreign trade entities, “one enterprise, one policy” expands the export -oriented business entity, bigger and stronger export industries such as apples, small miscellaneous grains, and Chinese medicinal materials, expanding the export scale of industrial products such as high -end energy, oil equipment, and other industrial products; Actively organize enterprises to participate in various trade promotion activities, expand overseas trade channels, and help enterprises expand their markets, grab orders, and find ways.

  Today, the “circle of friends” of Yan’an Foreign Trade has continued to expand.Apple crisp was exported to Israel for the first time. Fresh Apple was exported to Kazakhstan for the first time. The mushroom mushrooms were exported to South Korea for the first time.Inject new kinetic energy and expand new space into the high -quality development of the economy.

  Let the world taste the good taste of “Yan’an Apple”

  On February 18th, at the Shaanxi King Wells Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., located in Luochuan County, the cold chain logistics vehicle with a 22 -ton Apple’s 22 -ton Apple opened the first transnational journey of the dragons and was transported to the UAE through Qingdao Port.

  ”In December last year, we participated in the Chinese (Shaanxi) brand commodity Dubai exhibition. At the exhibition, we signed 5,000 tons of apple supply and marketing orders with UAE companies at the exhibition. At present, two batches of 22 tons have been exported, which is the third batch of exports.”Wang Chao, general manager of Shaanxi Wang Woors Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., said that the company will continue to open up the international market and allow more people to taste the sweet and sweet Yan’an apple.

  In Luochuan County, Apple’s hometown, there are 18 Apple production and deep processing export companies like Shaanxi Wang Woors Agricultural Development Co., Ltd..Luochuan County has established a customs export of customs exports of 30,000 acres by determining 100,000 acres of organic bases and 200,000 acres of green bases.Since 2021, Luochuan County has exported more than 3,200 tons of Apple, with an output value of about 36 million yuan.

  Yan’an is the world’s best apple eugenic area recognized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Apple planting area is more than 3.3 million acres, the output is more than 4.6 million tons, and the output and area account for one -third of Shaanxi and one -nineths of the country.With the continuous development of the Apple industry, the “Yan’an Apple” is famous for its popularity, and it is popular at home and abroad.

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