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Climate activists march in Amsterdam, Greta Samberg interrupted by protesters

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Some 85,000 protesters marched in Amsterdam on Sunday to protest climate change, 10 days before Dutch voters head to the polls for the country’s general election. The March for Climate and Justice was organized by the Dutch Climate Crisis Coalition (DCC) to sound the alarm on the climate crisis.

Climate activists march in Amsterdam, Greta Samberg interrupted by protesters

The organization said

The climate crisis is upon us. The world is burning, melting and flooding. Record high temperatures are repeatedly being broken, with major consequences for all life on Earth. Almost everyone in the Netherlands knows someone who has experienced extreme weather this summer. Whether inside or outside the country, the impacts are felt the most by those who have contributed the least to the crisis. It is clear that we need to act quickly and forcefully. That is why we will be in Amsterdam on Sunday, November 12, to demand change.

Frans Timmermans, the former EU climate chief who now leads the Dutch left-wing Labor and Green parties, marched with the protesters. Climate activist Greta Thunberg was invited to speak at the event, saying that climate justice must include “the voices of those who are oppressed as well as those who fight for freedom and justice,” before a man interrupted her by taking away her microphone. The protester with Tombaugh’s microphone said he was participating in a climate protest, not expressing a “political opinion.” Protesters took action when Thunberg continued to speak after a Palestinian spokesman called for a ceasefire in Gaza.

This follows other climate protests in the UK and Europe this year.

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