April 20, 2024

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Could an entire team of Connors win an NHL game?

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As the off-season settles into its typical lull, it’s time to inject some light-hearted entertainment.

The NHL is about to welcome Connor Bedard, a rising star who’s primed to make a mark after being selected first overall by the Chicago Blackhawks. Meanwhile, Connor McDavid, the unparalleled talent, reigns as the best active player globally. Fresh from securing his second Hart Trophy win in three years and earning his third MVP accolade, McDavid’s prowess knows no bounds.

However, the league’s array of exceptional Connors doesn’t conclude there. Fans in Winnipeg are well-versed in this regard. The Jets proudly flaunt a duo of remarkable players who both answer to the name Connor. The perpetually underrated sharpshooter, Kyle Connor, stands alongside the reliably consistent goaltender, Connor Hellebuyck.

Could an entire team of Connors win an NHL game?

The NHL boasts such a surplus of Connors that a fascinating thought emerges: How would a team comprised solely of Connors fare? Envisioning this hypothetical roster, where every active player shares either a first or last name with a teammate, is an engaging exercise. Although the upper echelon of talent is impressive, it became evident that the pool of players with the more common spelling was slightly limited. Hence, we expanded our search to include Conors spelled with a single “n.”

Without further delay, let’s embark on a journey through the potential lineup of this imaginative team, where camaraderie thrives among teammates who share the name Connor.

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