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June 16, 2024

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During the "May 1st" holiday, the organizational series of consumer activities will be focused on creating a new scene of fashion consumption with old -fashioned new and new scenes.

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CCTV Beijing April 25th (Reporter Jiao Hao) According to the "Global Financial News" of the Central Radio and Television's economic st
CCTV Beijing April 25th (Reporter Jiao Hao) According to the “Global Financial News” of the Central Radio and Television’s economic station, this year is the “year of consumption promotion”.In the coming “May 1st” holiday, what consumer activities will be held in various places to meet the consumption needs of the masses on holidays and promote the continuous expansion of consumption?A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce introduced the detailed situation at a regular press conference held today (25th).
He Yadong, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, said that during the May 1 holiday of this year, the first point of promoting consumer activities in various places was to focus on the old and new to promote the consumption.The Ministry of Commerce regards the promotion of consumer goods with the old replacement as the focus of current consumption work, adheres to the “policy+activity” two -wheel drive, and guides various places to combine advantageous resources such as brand activities, key exhibitions, industrial clusters, and leading enterprises.Stand “series activities.At present, the Ministry of Commerce has supported Hainan, Ningxia, Shandong, Guangdong and other places to launch local station activities. Jilin, Shanghai, Guangxi, Jiangxi and other local stations will be launched around “May Day”.
The second point is to highlight integration and innovation and expand new consumption.The Ministry of Commerce will launch the “2024 International Consumption Season” in Shanghai this Saturday, and launches new consumer scenarios such as the first show, fashion consumption, health consumption, sports consumption.
He Yadong said that it actively guides all localities to organize rich consumer activities, and promote the deep integration of business and southern business and the innovation of scene innovation.A series of local specialty activities such as the Beijing Global Development Festival, the Shanghai Sports Consumption Festival, the good -flavored Yunnan Food Festival, etc. will be carried out one after another.
During the May Day holiday, the supply of the market has also attracted much attention.He Yadong said that the Ministry of Commerce will pay close attention to the market operation trend, organize business and circulation enterprises to increase stocking, increase the frequency of replenishment, and ensure the supply of festival markets.
He Yadong also introduced that the sixth “Dual -Pine Online Shopping Festival” will be held from April 28th to May 12th.The main venue of the Shuangpin Online Shopping Festival is located in Hubei. All localities will organize e -commerce, manufacturing, express logistics and other companies to focus on brands and quality, carry out more than 200 supporting activities, and jointly build online promotion brands.
The current “Double Online Shopping Festival” will focus on the three major themes.The first is to focus on digital enjoyment and improve digital consumption.At present, digital consumption is booming and has become an important part of high -quality life.The second is to focus on the global trade world, China Unicom and abroad.The circle of friends of the Silk Road E -commerce in my country has expanded to 30 countries to help cultivate the global e -commerce market.The third is to focus on digital intelligence and help industrial upgrading.By optimizing public services, stimulate digital element vitality, and accelerate brand e -commerce development.
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