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[Food Safety Science Popularization] Food Safety Common Sense

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Food safety refers to the non -toxic and harmless food, which meets its due nutritional requirements, and does not ca

Food safety refers to the non -toxic and harmless food, which meets its due nutritional requirements, and does not cause any acute, subacute or chronic harm to human health.According to Beno’s food safety definition, food safety is “public health problems that have toxic and harmful substances on human health in food”.Food safety includes both production safety and operational safety; including both results safety and process security; both include real safety and future safety.

Food safety cannot be ignored

1. Safe diet to achieve “five points”

First, keep it clean.Pay attention to your hands, keep the tableware and kitchen utensils clean, and keep the refrigerator, kitchen and dining environment clean.

Second, we must separate.Food and raw materials should be separated from processing cooked food. The kitchenware and containers of processed food should be separated. Refrigerated foods should be packed separately and are separated by “upper cooked and down” separation to avoid cross -pollution.

Third, you must cook it.Foods such as meat, poultry, eggs, aquatic products, etc., should be processed reasonably, cooked and burned after cooking.

Fourth, we must keep food scientifically.Cooked food does not exceed 2 hours at room temperature; cooked food placed at room temperature or refrigerated should be completely heated before eating.

Fifth, food raw materials are reliable.Buy livestock poultry and aquatic products from regular channels, mildew -free main grains, beans and potatoes, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits.

2. Various nutritional foods

1. Thick and detailed match.On the basis of fine grains such as fine rice white noodles, it is appropriately matched with whole grains such as brown rice and whole wheat.This combination can not only increase the nutrients of the staple food, but also enrich the flavor of the staple food, such as wheat aroma produced by whole wheat.Daily staple foods can also be alternated or paired with food potato and other ingredients.Potatoes are rich in pectin and other substances. Matching with grains can promote intestinal motility and prevent constipation.

2. Coupled with fruits and vegetables, there are diverse types.Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, and three meals a day are indispensable.In the choice of vegetables, try to ensure that there are diverse categories and rich colors, root vegetables such as yam, stem vegetables such as ravioli, leafy vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower such as western blue flowers, etc. Fruit vegetables such as tomatoes, etc. It is more healthy with eating.It is recommended to have fresh vegetables and eat fruits every day.

3. Fresh meat, safe processing.Meats such as livestock poultry, fish and shrimp are indispensable dishes on the holiday dining table.The nutritional content of various meats is different, and it is recommended to treat it differently when buying or eating.Generally speaking, it is preferred to choose fish and shrimp with low fat content and rich in unsaturated fatty acids; followed by poultry with low fat content and fatty acid composition better than animal fat; again a live animal lean meat with low fat content and rich iron content.At the same time, it is recommended to use steaming, boiling, stew, and less fried, grilled, and fried cooking methods.In order to ensure the flavor and nutrition of fresh animal poultry, fish and shrimp, it is advisable to buy or eat immediately.Repeated frozen meat and aquatic products can easily cause nutritional loss and poor quality. It should be stored alone in the refrigerator and eaten as soon as possible.

3. Diet balance more exercise

1. Reasonable matching, moderate diet.Reasonable meal can improve the immune status of the human body and enhance the resistance to disease.Daily diet should have a variety of foods, mainly grains, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat milk often, eat fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat, and appropriately increase foods rich in high -quality protein, vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of the human body to meet the needs of the human body.Energy and nutrients.The combination of meat and vegetables, the thickness of the thickness, the diverse color, the amount of each food takes a small amount, and the same ingredients are changed, which is conducive to the diverse food.Do a moderate diet and do not overeating.

2. Eat and balance, healthy weight.People in all ages should adhere to daily exercise, maintain energy balance, and maintain healthy weight.Excessive weight or too high will increase the risk of disease.Persist in daily exercise, such as walking, running, playing, etc.Try to reduce the sedentary time, and it is not advisable to watch TV and surf the Internet for a long time.During the Spring Festival, a regular schedule should be maintained to ensure sufficient sleep.

Student food safety education

1. What are the problems when buying food?

1. Buy in a regular store, do not buy the “three -none” food around the campus and streets; 2. Buy food produced by regular manufacturers and try to choose a brand with better credibility; 3. Check out the product label.The food label must be marked: product name, ingredient table, net content, factory name, site address, production date, shelf life, product standard number, etc.Do not buy products with irregular labels; 4. Whether foods are suitable for themselves; 5. Do not blindly follow the advertisement. The publicity of advertising does not represent science and is a manifestation of the interests of merchants.

2. What dietary hygiene habits should be paid to?

First, boiled water is the best drink. Some drinks contain preservatives, pigments, etc., which often drink is not conducive to the health of children and children; the second is to develop good hygiene habits to prevent the spread of intestinal parasites; the third is that they eat raw eaten raw.Wash the vegetables and fruits before eating, so as not to cause pesticide poisoning.Heated thoroughly to prevent bacterial food from poisoning; sixth is not to eat raw foods that are not hygienic protection, such as raw fish fillets and raw coriander; seventh are street foods that do not eat non -hygiene guarantee;Foods, such foods will produce toxic substances if improper production.

Third, how good to eat sweets?

Summer drinks are rich in sugar, and children are prone to skin inflammation and various diseases after eating more.If you take too much sugar in the summer, a large amount of acidic substances will be produced, which will break the normal acid -alkali balance of blood and make the child a acidic constitution.In addition to the above influence, many drinks lack the protein and fat necessary for children’s development. Drinking too much will affect children to eat dinner and cause malnutrition. Therefore, drinking drinks is best not more than 100 ml a day.

What are the nutritional foods?

One is to eat more fish, egg yolk, shrimp skin, seaweed, kelp, lean meat and other foods; the second is to eat animal organs such as pork liver and animal brain once a week;Eat more bananas, carrots, spinach; Fifth, drink more milk, preferably children with taurine, special formula milk, not wheat milk.

1. Food safety knowledge points:

1. Pay attention to hygiene, wash your hands before meals, rinse your mouth after meals, and do not need to grab food.

2. Chew slowly, don’t gobble.Concentrate on eating, don’t say a smile.

3. Do not buy food on the street without a license.

4. Do not purchase unknown products or expired foods.

5. Fruits and vegetables with skin should be peeled as much as possible.

6. Long -term picky food and partial eclipse are not good for health, often cause malnutrition and iron deficiency anemia.

7. Three meals a day should be reasonable, diet should be merit, and eating regularly.Do not picky eaters, do not partial eclipse, and do not overeating.

8. Greeting causes excessive energy and nutritional intake, which can easily cause obesity and affect human health.

9. Diet should be light and less salt, and too much salty food increases the risk of high blood pressure.

10. Puffed foods such as potato chips and snow cakes are high -oil, high -calorie, low -crude fiber foods, and cannot be eaten frequently.

11. Don’t be greedy for cold drinks. Eating more cold drinks will cause a sudden drop in the temperature in the digestive tract, leading to gastrointestinal dysfunction, and curb gastric acid secretion.

12. There must be a choice, timely, and appropriate amount of snacks.Do not eat during the meal, eating snacks before going to bed and watching TV is not a good habit.

13. Nut foods such as peanuts and walnuts contain more protein, vegetable oil, phospholipids, vitamins, iron zinc and other minerals, which helps brain development and enhance memory. It is a better snack.

14. Eat less fat, salted, smoked and fried foods.

15. Chocolate is not a nutrition.Chocolate is high, but the nutritional value is low. Too much chocolate is prone to gastrointestinal symptoms, which affects the appetite and cannot eat more.

16. Drinking water every day is good for health. Boil water is the best drinking water.Drink more boiled water and drink less sweet drinks.

17. Students should drink a few times every day, about 200 ml each time. Don’t wait for thirst and drink water.

18. Long -term drinking sugary drinks may cause young people to be dangerous for young, fractures, dental caries, and obesity. Don’t treat drinks as boiled water.

19. The nutrients required by the human body mainly include: protein, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water.Modern nutrition scores dietary fiber into the seventh largest nutrients.

20. Vegetables can provide human vitamins, minerals, dietary cellulose, etc. Therefore, we need to take vegetables every day.

Second, how to reduce vegetable pesticide residues.

1.Soaking water washing method: The pesticides contaminated on the vegetables are mainly organic phosphorus pesticides. Generally, the surface dirt was washed off with water, and then soaked with water for 30 minutes.Residual pesticides.

2.Alkaline water soaking method: The method is to rinse the surface dirt first, soak it into alkaline water (generally 5-10 grams of alkali noodles with 500 ml of water) for 5-15 minutes, and then rinse with water for 3-5 times.

3.Storage method: The residual pesticides on vegetables can be decomposed slowly over time.Winter melon and pumpkin can be placed for 1 week before eating.

4.Hot water method: Some vegetables and fruits can remove some residual pesticides through hot water.Commonly used for celery, spinach, green peppers, cauliflower, etc., first wash the surface dirt with water, remove it in boiling water for 2-5 minutes, and then wash it with water for 2-5 minutes.

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