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May 24, 2024

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Friday Fan Fan Day 丨 This archery hall that can be cat can invite you to play for free!

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The small body will extract 10 fansEach person gets one single person for one hour to shoot the votes(Ticket validity period is as o

The small body will extract 10 fans

Each person gets one single person for one hour to shoot the votes

(Ticket validity period is as of June 30, 2024)

On “Shanghai Sports Release” Weibo

You can also participate in pet fan daily welfare activities

Two pipes to increase the winning rate!

Note: The confirmation of the winning prize is subject to the staff notice, and those who have not won the prize will no longer be notified or publicized.The above precautions are for reference only, and the final explanation rights belong to the venue.



1. A single -hour shooting experience, including zero -based guidance, the venue provides bow prerequisites, sights, arrows and targets, no arrow branches;

2. Requires the experiencer of a healthy person who is 18-55 years old, non-pregnant women, no hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and mental illness;

3. The instructions of the instructor must be obeyed. Beginners are prohibited from using the equipment in the venue without the accompaniment of the instructor.

4. It is forbidden to enter the archery area across the archery when other people’s archery, prohibit archery in any non -archery area, prohibit bow and arrows against people, and prohibit air stretching;

5. Lone noise, running and making troubles in the venue, and the equipment inside the venue is prohibited from being taken away from the venue.



Pick up the bow and arrow, aim at the target heart

Experience the pleasure of release of bow string

Realize the dream of “One hundred steps to penetrate the poplar”!

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