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May 24, 2024

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Luoyang Institute of Technology: use "numbers" to promote new and build a new ecology of smart education

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Luoyang Institute of Technology actively explores the digital transformation path of higher education, and strives

  Luoyang Institute of Technology actively explores the digital transformation path of higher education, and strives to lead the development of education informatization and the development of educational digitalization with smart education.Realize the “leading, integration and innovation” of transformation.

  Innovate mechanism, improve the information management system

  The school establishes three -level organizational structure of leadership decision -making, expert consultation, and implementation management, and establishes the network security and information committee and information expert consulting committee to form an information development model of “unified leadership, export management, coordinated promotion, and resource sharing.”Improve the CIO system and introduce more than 20 management systems such as the “Administrative Measures for Campus Communication Resources”, “Data Security and Interim Measures for Governance”, improve the institutional system, and provide institutional guarantee for the benign development of informatization.

  Broaden channels, gather sustainable development joint efforts

  The school adheres to the idea of “collaborative co -construction and sharing” to gather social resources and form a joint force.Through investment and construction of third -party enterprises, communications companies, financial institutions, industry enterprises, etc., it provides sustainable motivation for digital transformation and development.In accordance with the concept of “changing services with the market”, in accordance with the principle of “zero investment in schools, zero students, and operators does not rule out”, it introduces a new new construction of a wired wireless integrated campus network with third -party construction, and in -depth cooperation with financial institutionsA number of projects such as the school platform, the smart teaching environment, and the transformation of the full light network have realized the “curve overtaking” of smart teaching infrastructure.

  Jointly developed a digital new cement process process training system and virtual reality platform with building materials leading enterprises to promote thousands of colleges and universities in 9 provinces to train thousands of technical personnel for industry enterprises. The system has obtained national first -class virtual simulation experimental teaching coursesEssenceThe School of Robotics has obtained the National School of Industry, and the School of Building Materials Big Data Industry has obtained provincial characteristics of the provincial characteristic industry.

  Consolid the foundation and enhance the support of the core business

  The school adopts advanced digital technology, and has successively built campus wired, wireless full -light networks, IoT Special Nets, and 5G full Netcom integration networks to form physical isolation and logical interoperability.Realize that there is no blind area coverage in all areas inside and outside the school, and meet the needs of convenient connection, general access and large -scale access to teachers and students.Construct a school’s management carrier such as water and electricity heating, security and fire protection, laboratory safety, IoT Zhongtai, etc. to achieve comprehensive IoT control.Help schools have approved 5 national -level platforms including the National University Science and Technology Park and the National Intellectual Property Pilot Universities.

  Focus on the foundation and build a intelligent teaching ecology

  The school builds a first -class smart teaching environment in accordance with the strategy of prioritizing teaching.The coverage rate of smart classrooms in the school reaches 70%, and the “four major platforms” are launched on the IOP Internet of Things smart teaching integration platform, smart teaching big data analysis and evaluation platform, digital teaching resource platform, and intelligent tour platform to achieve information data collection of the entire process of teaching.Automation analysis, intelligent operation and digital management, provide comprehensive supervision and teaching situation.Build a distinctive smart teaching resource library to achieve the opening and sharing of digital teaching resources.

  Integrate new technologies and new ideas to expand the new model of talent training of smart teaching services.Use the intelligent teaching environment to carry out foreign -related training in China, China and Germany, and the “Belt and Road” countries to complete more than 1,000 teachers and more than 130 technical students in more than 20 countries.Support large -scale meetings such as academic seminars for the development of application -oriented undergraduate colleges and universities, and Henan Provincial Undergraduate College Smart Teaching Work Promotion Association.The school was approved by the provincial “5G+Smart Education” innovation application pilot project. The first batch of provincial teacher teaching development demonstration centers and the first batch of provincial smart teaching demonstration schools.

  Improve literacy and enhance endogenous digital capabilities

  The school adheres to the information development concept of “building innovation and wide application”, and continues to improve the number of teachers and students’ digital literacy.Construct the “333” research and training system, implement the digital literacy improvement plan of “green pepper development, advanced yellow pepper, and red pepper leadership”, and promote the integration of innovation and resources in concepts, content, and means.The separation of teachers and students, knowledge and information, and comprehensively promote the reform of teaching models.With the help of super -star learning, Xunfei AI class and other platforms to carry out smart teaching, organize the “classroom innovation contest”, change the teaching model, and improve the teaching level.The school teachers won the second and third prizes of the National College Teachers Teaching Innovation Contest for two consecutive years. Many teachers won special prizes and first prizes in the provincial teaching innovation competition.The results of smart teaching have continued to emerge. In the past two years, the school has won 1 second prize of national teaching achievements, 4 special prizes and 3 first prizes in the provincial teaching achievements.

  Continue to integrate digital literacy and skill education into the student training program, open digital prime nourishment and practice courses, and organically combine digital literacy education with students, and use new technologies to organize college students’ double -creation competition drills.In the 2023 Gao Education Society Cup National College Student Mathematical Modeling Competition, the number of first prizes ranked among the top of the country.The Chinese Robot Skills Competition won 1 champion, 1 runner -up, and 3 first prizes.

  Strengthen governance and improve the shared service system

  The school strengthens data governance, builds integrated data in the Taiwan Taiwan, and builds a shared information service system.Establish a “five -unified” smart campus comprehensive service system, and realize a new governance service model of “identity one, certification, data, one table, service one station, decision -making platform”.

  Construct a “data cockpit” to achieve precise and transparent management.Focus on key areas such as talent training, scientific research, social services, and school governance, form a “six major index” of the school’s comprehensive situation, and realize the integration of the development of the school’s cause, one -screen unified view, and one -click scheduling.

  Construction of teachers and students ‘data brains to achieve data empowerment of teachers and students’ personality development.Integrate the full life cycle data of teachers and students during the school to realize the portrait of teachers and students.Implement the “one table” project to realize the intelligent filling, error correction, recording, and review of data.Applying in the evaluation of teachers’ title and personal assessment to enhance the sense of achievement in the development of the teacher’s cause.

  Build a big data service system for education, and the accurate service management is difficult to pain points.Provide comprehensive digital services in the aspects of student safety management, psychological crisis intervention, and hidden funding for poor students, and help schools to obtain provincial -level standardization of provincial mental health work demonstration schools.

  Data empowerment and create a convenient application method

  The panoramic payment platform built by the school is a new generation of campus intelligent service platform with “virtual cards, supplemented by physical cards, and self -applied faces”.Integrate, realize the full -scale consumption and application of “code, card, face”.Support the use of teachers and students of the whole school in more than 10 places such as classrooms, restaurants, and stadiums, and realize the school payment, one school identity, and one school application service, which truly allows teachers and students to enjoy the convenience of smart campus life.Development enterprise WeChat “Smart Luoli”, opened more than 90 service services and micro -applications such as resource appointment and Lili Code.The problem of 1026, the satisfaction rate reached 98.21%, which greatly improved the happiness and comfort of teachers and students’ lives.

  The school has established a public resource appointment self -service system for more than 30 places such as libraries, academies, laboratories, and sports venues. Teachers and students can choose time and space independently to conduct learning exchanges.The digital governance system helps schools win the first prize of provincial education informatization and the first prize of the outstanding achievements of education informatization.

  Strengthen safety and create closed circular management mechanism

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