April 23, 2024

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Mei Nian Health launches a 100% percentage of the "patients with patients" million inpatient insurance guarantees through medical insurance settlement compensation.

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China Net Finance March 23 (Reporter Du Ding) In order to solve the pain point of the "one insurance" demand for the "one insuran

  China Net Finance March 23 (Reporter Du Ding) In order to solve the pain point of the “one insurance” demand for the “one insurance” of the diseased people and the elderly, in 2023, the US Nian Insurance United Insurance Company launched the health of the health of the diseased group.Danger “Safe worry”.

  This product underwritten a variety of nodules such as lung nodules, breast nodules, thyroid nodules, and hospitalization expenses of general past symptoms (eligible).Disease project management value -added services.

  Today, the reporter learned from the Meinian Health Group that the health management services of “worry -free worry” have both “professionalism” and “available”.In terms of professionalism, it provides users with services after medical treatment planning, online guidance, second consultation, nursing assistance and other services for users.In terms of the medical expenses of users due to diseases or accidents, the worry -free protection gives up to 1 million guarantees, which greatly reduces the burden on the user’s medical treatment, allowing users to feel at ease and medical treatment.

  In recent years, insurance has taken health services as the fulcrum, and the transformation of a single medical payment into a health management that can run through the life cycle of users has become increasingly becoming a trend.The person in charge of Meinian Health stated that in recent years, Meinian Health has been committed to creating a full -chain service of health management. Through the deployment of insurance business, the needs of customers to further combine professional medical examinations, health management, diagnosis and treatment services and insurance payment;The unique HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) model of “Insurance Innovation+Prevention”, combined with the advantages of the disciplinary advantage in combination with the US -year -end medical outlet resources, provides more careful and thoughtful service solutions for underwriters.

  It is understood that the “worry -free worry” presents four characteristics: first, “physical examination+insurance” dual guarantee: “check -in worry” provides dual guarantees for enterprises and families.After the health problems are found in a timely manner, the risk of responding to the sudden disease through insurance, and cooperate with the disease project to manage the value -added services, allowing users to fully experience the promotion of pre -inspection products, inspection indicators, and after -inspection results, and finally due to the indicators of the indicators.The abnormal service is closed for the service of inpatient treatment expenses; secondly, the insurance conditions are loose and the patients with the disease can be insured.Patients with common pulmonary nodules, breast nodules, and thyroid nodules can all be insured. They can be paid by disease (qualified) or accidents to ensure a wide range of protection.The insurance time is unlimited and can be invested at any time throughout the year. Third, the amount of hospitalization guarantee is high, and the basic medical insurance cost of the basic medical insurance with a total limit of 1 million yuan is enjoyed to solve the burden on the large residential expenses of users; fourth, Enjoy high -quality medical services, relying on the advantages of preventional medical companies in the Meimeian Health Group, more than 100 million personal health medical examination data, the insured population can enjoy the management of value -added services for the management of the disease.Critical illness planning planning is more assured, online guidance is more intimate, online expert second clinic is more worry -free, rehabilitation passport assistance is more warm.

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  Specific details of the guarantee plan

  Guarantee object:Meimeian medical examination customers, natural persons 18-65 years old (1. Accepting general past symptoms: such as patients with common pulmonary nodules, breast nodules, and thyroid nodules;Or other complications caused by other complications cannot be claimed, and other past symptoms can be guaranteed.)

  Responsibility:Social security medical expenses (the insured suffers from illness or accident during the insurance period, and the consistent and reasonable basic medical insurance expenses that occur during the hospitalization period of the general department of public hospitals in the second and higher public hospitals are in discharge during the hospital.

  Guarantee amount:The payment limit is 1 million yuan (real -reported actual sales)

  Payment ratio:The annual non -compensation amount is 10,000 yuan, 100%of the compensation ratio through medical insurance settlement, and 60%of the compensation ratio of unsuitable medical insurance card settlement

  Settlement period:1 year

  Waiting period:The disease waiting period is 30 days (the policy is effective); the accident has no waiting period

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