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June 16, 2024

The sports sphere

Wide range of sports activities

Moisturize a lot of sports events and continue to convey the concept of healthy life

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In recent years, outdoor activities have gradually moved towards life and nationalization. Among them, hiking has become a new way of sports th

In recent years, outdoor activities have gradually moved towards life and nationalization. Among them, hiking has become a new way of sports that more and more people choose.A few days ago, 2024 Hunan (spring) was shot out in Changsha 100 kilometers. Thousands of players from all over the country follow the Xiangjiang River and trek for Changlitan.Following the trend of this market, the product of Dongpeng Beverage “Moisturizing” is fully supported by the “official designated electrolyte water” to support the event to cheer and escort the players.

Moisturize in Hunan 100 kilometers in Yixing

Professional water replenishment support competition, helping the whole people’s fitness cause

“Hunan Hundred Kwn”, as a national national fitness activity brand, is a national fitness activity integrating elements such as sports, culture, and tourism. It is not only a sports event, but also a transmission of a national health concept.Moisturizing the business opportunities of the important event of “Hunan 100 kilometers” was keenly captured, and it actively sponsored the event, showing the brand’s vision and responsibility.

At the event site, hydration provided professional hydrating support for Hunan’s 100 -kilometer hiking event.In this movement, long -term activities will cause a large number of sweats in the human body and lose moisture and electrolyte. If water is not replenished in time, it will not only affect the normal metabolism of the body, but also cause serious consequences such as heat stroke and dehydration.Moisturizing as an electrolyte water, which is rich in sodium ions and potassium ions. The content of per liter of electrolytes is not less than 400 mg. It can quickly supplement the electrolyte and water lost during the hiking.Maintain abundant energy and vitality and complete the competition calmly and confidently.

Moisturize in Hunan 100 kilometers in Yixing

For the “Hunan Hundred Kwn”, for the hydrating brand, it not only enhances market exposure, but also deeply conveys the concept of healthy lifestyle and scientific hydration that it advocates.More importantly, through cooperation with this national national fitness activity, hydration not only shows its brand image that pays attention to health and advocates sports, but also contributes to the health cause of the whole people, which has stimulated the enthusiasm of the public to participate in sports, and for the whole peopleThe development of health care has injected new motivation.

Help youth basketball games and fulfill social responsibility

According to the “Global Sports Marketing Report” released by Nielson, 81%of global respondents are completely or part of the sponsorship brands in sports events.With its unique charm and extensive audience foundation, sports marketing is gradually becoming a marketing weapon for major brands to scramble.Replenishing the brand attributes that are naturally fitted with sports, in addition to sponsoring multiple hiking, marathon, badminton events, they also accurately cut into the field of basketball games. Through close cooperation with a series of sports events such as CHBL and NYBO,To replenish the “brand mental education to help the popularity of youth sports education activities.

In November 2023, hydration and the official cooperation with the Gaogao League again reached a signal to the public to support the Chinese basketball industry again.It is worth mentioning that CHBL is the high school basketball league with the widest coverage, the largest number of participants, the highest level and formal level in Greater China.”Strong joining” will make new contributions to the development of Chinese youth sports.

Moisturizing cooperation and high -end league

The NYBO Youth Basketball Open is a amateur basketball event specially built for Chinese 4-16-year-old adolescents. Adhering to the purpose of “making children not school teams and formal games”, it provides a stage for each young person who loves basketball.As an electrolyte water brand under Dongpeng Beverage, hydration is concerned about the development of youth sports education. He has joined hands with the NYBO Youth Basketball Open into the third cooperation season and continues to designate electrolyte water as official competition.

Moisturizing cooperation NYBO basketball game

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