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June 16, 2024

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Multiple "fashion+" element blessing 2024 Puyuan Fashion Week is grand

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Chao News reporter Song Binbin Wang Zhijie Sharing Alliance · Tongxiang Chen JianzhongOn the occasion of spring and summer, the ann
Chao News reporter Song Binbin Wang Zhijie Sharing Alliance · Tongxiang Chen Jianzhong
On the occasion of spring and summer, the annual fashion event of the ancient town of Puyuan arrived as expected.On April 24th, the theme of knitting is fashionable, the “weaving” Hui Future, and the 2024 Paper Fashion Week opened gorgeous.From now until April 28, this time of fashion week starts from the show, multiple “fashion+” elements bless the “Puyuan Mode” to coordinate the influence of Fashion Week and Paper.
This time of Fashion Week, not only 13 professional fashion shows, Pufu Fashion Ceremony, 6 designer brand street shows, but also set up all -weather handicrafts, artist exhibitions, local weaving and clothing exhibitions, and Puyuan banking salt saltThe market, continuing the concepts of fabrics and fashion, continuously playing with technology and trend.
In 2023, as the Puyuan Fashion Ancient Town opened the door and welcomed guests, the fashion gene that fell asleep in this historic city began to recover.As a pearl displayed in the local industry’s style, the Puyuan Fashion Week settled in the scenic spot, and for the first time, the modern catwalk was moved into the millennium ancient town. The new chapter of fashion book rolls has been written since then.The Puyuan Fashion Week relies on the historical accumulation of local silk and knitting, promotes cross -border exchanges and process transformation of local industries, helps Mao Zhizhong Town Puyuan in line with international fashion, and launch many activity form derivatives with the core of the show. CombinedThe ancient town cultural tourism IP has created a new fashion business card for Puyuan.
In 2024, while the Puyuan Fashion Week continued the core concept of the general theme “knitting the next fashion”, it proposed the theme of “Weaisi Future”.In the beginning, it is the roots and charm of the ancient town of Puyuan’s fashion; wisdom is thinking, it is the thoughts and wisdom of the Puyuan people; in the future, it is the Puyuan to keep pace with the times of the times.
The ancient town of Spring Day gathers stars.Different from the past, even with most well -known fashion weeks, the opening show of the 2024 Puyuan Fashion Week launched two sections for the first time, from the Vera Wang Haute, the leader of the leader Wang Weiwei, the VIP TRUNK show, and Dr. Zhou Yangjie Dr. Zhou YangjieRen Creative Director The Atelier opening show.
Coincidentally, the two designers were born in Chinese, and their legendary stories were well -known for decades ago.Vera Wang Haute became “a wedding dress for every girl’s dream”; and in the early years, a “desire city”, known as the “Fashion Bible”, made many people fall in love with Jimmy Choo, and couldn’t stop it.
The opening of the VIP show, Vera Wang Haute showed light dreams with real silk satin, and explored the beauty of oriental culture with the hometown of silk.The opening show The Atelier explores the relationship between people and the mark of the fabric. Its space -time aesthetic is closely echoing the theme of this year’s Paper Fashion Week “Weaisi Future”.
At the Puyuan Fashion Ceremony held that night, the celebrities, supermodels, fashion KOL, and celebrities were brought together.The ancient town fashion awards ceremony, through the degree of spread of fashion magazines, laid the position of “fashion ancient town” for Puyuan.The 2024 exclusive awards such as cultural and tourism recommendations ambassadors, emerging artists, and trendy artists were also issued.
The window is Jiangnan, and there are shows everywhere.From April 25th, this fashion week will usher in 4 professional shows, and the new products will coexist with pioneers and elegance.On the closing show, La Mofiel will bring the tenth anniversary of the brand.
The show is not only a Zen Hall, but also happened in the streets of the ancient town, showing a new immersive “Music Street Show”.Six local clothing brands including Holy Land, POP, Huigang, Xianbai, Monetar and Qiuqiu all appeared.Walking in Dama Square, church square, and river square, tourists will encounter the fashion studio in all.
In the meantime, industry exchange activities will also be launched one by one.Involving new projects such as the Lecture Hall of the Cultural Tourism Project “Pu Xian Lecture Hall”, held the 2024 Fashion Center Autumn and Winter Co -Ordering Meeting, 2024 Puyuan International Cashmere City Autumn and Winter Ordering Meeting to organize new -generation entrepreneurs innovation and entrepreneurial resources, clothing design exchanges, innovative materials, innovative materialsDocking and so on.
The weaving of history was launched again, and the ancient town of weae was going to the future fashion scene.
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