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Oceanic University of China MBA Education Center for re -examination for re -examination

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1. Organization leadership(1) The graduate enrollment work group of the School of Management is responsible for organizing and implementing the re -

  1. Organization leadership

  (1) The graduate enrollment work group of the School of Management is responsible for organizing and implementing the re -examination of the college, and guiding and supervising and inspecting the MBA professional retest group to carry out assessment.

  (2) The MBA Education Center establishes a re -examination team to implement the assessment and other assessment of interviews under the guidance of the Admissions Working Group of the School of Management, and is responsible for determining the specific content, scoring standards and procedures for candidates’ interview assessment.

  2. Admissions plan

  Third, re -test preparation

  1. Qualification Qualification Query: Log in to the “Admissions Management Platform of China Ocean University” – “Master’s Candidates Inquiry System” (click here to enter) View re -examination qualification.Registration must be made when logging in for the first time. Please fill in the name, certificate number, candidate number or registration number when registering.

  2. Confirmation of re -examination qualifications: After logging in, click “Re -Test Information Query”, click “Confirm the Re -Test”, read the “Integrity Reverandable Re -Test of the Master Graduate Candidates in Ocean University of China” and agree to confirm the retest.Download the “Re -Test Notice” for admission.

  3. Upload the relevant materials, please refer to the “Candidate Qualification Examination” for details.

  4. Pay the re -examination fee.All candidates participating in the re -examination should pay the re -examination fee (180 yuan/student) before 18:00 on March 25 (Monday).After the re -examination fee is paid, the refund fee will not be applied, and those who do not pay them shall not participate in the re -examination.

  Fourth, candidate qualification review

  Candidates must upload qualification review materials to the postgraduate enrollment management platform of Ocean University of China on March 25 (Monday) at 18:00 on March 25 (Monday), and will be reviewed by the MBA Education Center.All candidates participating in the re -examination should conduct qualification review as required, and those who do not meet the requirements will not be re -examination.If you need to supplement the materials, the staff of the MBA center will contact the candidates, please add it in time as required.

  The re -test materials that candidates should provide include:

  1. Electronic version of the admission ticket.

  2. Effective resident ID scan (front and back).

  3. Academic degree (student status) proof:

  (1) Submit the undergraduate certificate (the diploma obtained before the registration of the online information confirmation date), the electronic version of the “Electronic Registration Form for Education Certificate of Education” (must be within the validity period) or “China Higher Education Education within the validity period)Certification Report “Scan.

  (2) Candidates who obtain academic qualifications and degrees abroad must submit the scanning of the “Foreign Academic degree certification”.

  4. Candidates for the special plan of “Retired College Student Soldiers” must submit “Entry Approval” (note that it is not the “Notice of the Army”) scanned or photocopy (stamped with the official seal of the original department) scanned parts, the scanning part of the “Exit Certificate”, and the scanning part of the “Exit Certificate”, and the scanning part of the “Exit Certificate”, and the scanned parts, and the scanned parts, and the scanned parts, and the scanned parts, and the scanned parts, and the scanned parts, and the scanned parts, and the scanned parts, and the scanned parts, and the scanned parts, and the scanned parts, and the scanned parts, and the scanned parts, and the scanned part of the “Exit Certificate”.Certificate of academic qualifications before the army (graduation certificate, “Electronic Registration Form for Education Certificate of Education” or “China Higher Education Education Certification Report”, admission notice, retaining enrollment qualification certificate, etc.).

  5. Candidates who fail to pass the online degree (student status) verification when registering for confirmation must also provide an certification report for academic qualifications (student status).

  6. Choose a mistaken candidate when applying for the employment method, and must submit the employment method to modify the application (Annex 1).

  7. Candidates for extra points for bonus projects must submit the corresponding proof materials scanned.

  8. Signed the “Candidates Retest for Integrity Review Candidates for the Graduate Admissions Examination of Ocean University of China in 2024” (Annex 2, download and sign and sign it)

  The above materials are named after the “serial number+name+material name” one by one. All files are packaged (compressed file zip format, no more than 20m size) is uploaded to the school enrollment management platform.When participating in the re -examination, the above materials must be provided.

  5. Re -examination method and content

  1. Re -examination method: Take on -site interviews, without written tests, the written test content in the examination outline is inspected during the interview.

  2. The re -examination time of each student is generally not less than 20 minutes.

  3. Re -examination content

  (1) Interview with ideological and political theory: Introduction to current affairs policy, the basic principles of Marxism, the introduction of Mao Zedong Thought, and the Introduction to the theoretical system of socialist socialism with Chinese characteristics.

  (2) Comprehensive interviews (including comprehensive quality testing and professional knowledge test).

  Comprehensive quality test: focusing on assessing the expression ability, communication ability, organizational induction ability, comprehensive analysis and logical judgment of candidates; examining students ‘ideological and political quality and moral quality; examining students’ humanistic literacy, social practice (community activities, voluntary services, etc.), volunteer services)The spirit of unity and collaboration, etc.; Examine the motivation of candidates, related work experience and background, the understanding of the school (college) and MBA, to investigate whether it is concerned about the hot issues of national politics and economic and economic, and have unique insights, and can put forward their own opinionsEssence

  Professional knowledge test: examine the basic knowledge of management, including the principles of management.    

  (3) Foreign language listening and speaking test: Investigate candidates’ English listening and speaking ability, take a question and answer form, and conduct at the same time as comprehensive interviews.

  6. Ideological and political quality and moral assessment

  It mainly examines the actual performance of the candidates. The content should include the political attitude, ideological performance, moral quality, discipline and law, and trustworthy and trustworthy.All candidates must participate.

  7. Calculation and use of grades

  Re -examination results = ideological and political theory interview results × 5%+comprehensive interview results × 85%+foreign language listening and speaking test results × 10%.

  Re -examination results, ideological and political theory interview results, comprehensive interview results and foreign language listening and spoken test results are adopted.

  Total scores of admission = (preliminary test results ÷ 3) × 50%+re -test score × 50%.

  The total score of admission retains two decimals.

  Eight, admission principle

  1. General candidates and “retired college student soldiers” special plan candidates are admitted in order of the total admission scores from high to low.

  2. Those who fail the re -examination score (less than 60 points) will not be admitted.

  3. The ideological and political quality and morality assessment will not be quantified into the total score, and those who are not qualified for assessment will not be admitted.

  4. Those who do not meet the requirements of the application for the application and the violations of the re -examination will not be admitted.

  Nine, achievement announcement

  After the re -examination, the MBA Education Center will account for many candidates’ results, and promptly announce the results of candidates3 days.    

  Candidates have objections to the announcement. They can appeal to the MBA Education Center in the period of announcement (Contact: Zuo, Mailbox: [email protected], Tel: 0532-85902869), the graduate enrollment work group of the School of ManagementWork and give candidates to answer.If the candidates do not recognize the results of the reconsideration, they can apply for a review from the school’s graduate enrollment office.

  10. Other issues that need to be explained

  1.MBA01’s recruited MBA candidates are all non -full -time graduate students. They do not enjoy awards, scholarships (MBA freshman scholarships, MBA student cadre scholarships, and MBA contest scholarships, etc.).Do not transfer to our school.

  2.The actual number of enrolls can be appropriately adjusted according to the re -examination situation, and the final announcement can be prevailed.

  3.The total tuition fee is 135,000 yuan.

  4. This rules are only applicable to the MBA01 candidates.

  11. This plan is explained by the graduate enrollment work group of the School of Management.

  If you do not do everything, please refer to the relevant notice of the graduate enrollment information network of China Ocean University.

  Consultation email: [email protected], Tel: 0532-85902869, Contact: Zuo Teacher:

MBA Education Center

March 23, 2024

  【click to download】Attachment 1. Employment Modification Application. DOC

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