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May 24, 2024

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Persist in prevention -oriented, guarding the 22nd "Professional Disease Prevention Law" Propaganda Weekly Propaganda Weekly Law on Professional Health.

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Yangtze Evening News (Reporter Zhu Yiyun Correspondent Gao Ming) further promotes government leadership respo
Yangtze Evening News (Reporter Zhu Yiyun Correspondent Gao Ming) further promotes government leadership responsibility for the prevention and control of occupational diseases, the supervision responsibilities of relevant departments, and the main responsibility of the employer, effectively protect the occupational health rights and interests of the workers, create everyone’s attentionOn April 25, the launching ceremony of the 22nd “Career Disease Prevention Law” Propaganda Law of Nantong City was held at the project department of Nantong University in China Construction Second Bureau.
From April 25th to May 1st this year, the 22nd Corocal Disease Prevention Law Publicity Week. The theme of the event is: “Persist in prevention -oriented and protect occupational health.”The aim of the aim of popularizing occupational disease prevention and occupational health knowledge, further promoting the implementation of the four -party responsibilities of local governments, relevant departments, employers and workers, based on the new stage of development, implemented new development concepts, and created the cultural atmosphere of career health.
In recent years, Nantong’s vocational health work has achieved new results, and the performance of performance has won the first place in the province.The province took the lead in the evaluation of credit rating of occupational health service agencies and became a provincial pilot cities for credit supervision supervision of the Occupational Health Inspection Agency in 2024. It represents Jiangsu successfully adopted the mid -term evaluation of the “14th Five -Year Plan” occupational disease prevention and treatment plan.In the professional health skills competition, he won the second place and four individual awards in the group.
At the launching ceremony, Wu Xuming, director of the Nantong Center for Disease Control and Control and Deputy Director of the Municipal Health and Health Committee, said that we must adhere to the “prevention of prevention and control and control” strategy, adhere to the fundamental starting point of all work with the health of workers, aim at key industries, focus on focusing onKey people, highlighting key diseases, vigorously implementing occupational health protection actions, strengthening source governance, monitoring and risk assessment of occupational disease hazards, urging employers to implement the main responsibility, effectively prevent and control occupational disease hazards, and protect the occupational health rights and interests of workers.Active treatment, rehabilitation, care, and assistance to occupational disease patients and families, promote the sustainable development of economic and society, and consolidate the foundation for the construction of healthy Nantong.
During this propaganda week, the Nantong Health Commission will jointly provide relevant departments to provide workers with special training for laws and regulations, emergency knowledge and occupational disease prevention; invite experts to provide special lectures such as occupational disease protection knowledge and the interpretation of the “Jiangsu Province Vocational Disease Prevention and Control Regulations”;Communication media such as the Municipal Health and Health Commission website, Health Nantong WeChat public account, and WeChat groups in various places in various places should be known to the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases.Entering enterprises, schools, rural areas, and “five entry” activities.In addition, counties and cities will also carry out preaching, training, special seminars, etc. will be carried out simultaneously.
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