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Pingtung Air Tour Super Tritting Spike After Selling

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[The Epoch Times, March 22, 2024] (Reported by the Epoch Times reporter Jian Huimin Taiwan Pingtung) Pingtung Air Tour was favored by tourists from al

[The Epoch Times, March 22, 2024] (Reported by the Epoch Times reporter Jian Huimin Taiwan Pingtung) Pingtung Air Tour was favored by tourists from all over the country. Once launched, it immediately caused a warm response and was sold in seconds!On the 22nd, the Pingtung County Government, in addition to thanking the public for his affirmation, and saying sorry to the tourists who are in the middle, the super -fun “Pingtung 3D Tourism Carnival” is about to launch. Please continue to pay attention to the latest news of the county government.

Pingtung Air Tour will be held at Hengchun Airport from June 14th to 16th, with a limited number of 13 classes and 117. After the opening of the registration on March 18, the number of applicants will be full in less than a week.

The Pingxian Government Transportation Office stated that the Hengchun Peninsula has a good geographical environment and climatic conditions, and the scenery is also very charming. Last year, the registration was quite hot.”South”, however, the event experience is a half -price discount, each person only costs 4,500 yuan (original price 9,900 yuan).The speed of registration far exceeds the expectations of the organizer.

The Jiaotong Department pointed out that through this activity, passengers are not disturbed by the outdoor temperature and scorching sun. They can easily overlook the large landscape windows in the aircraft cabin and re -understand the magnificent mountains and beautiful scenery of the south of the border from different angles.Getting a new field of vision, such a unique air flight, the county government will continue to handle it and call on passengers who are willing to participate in the Pingtung air tour next year to pay close attention to the date of next year.

In addition, don’t be sad if you do not sign up for the people visiting Pingtung Air. In the next June, in addition to the two years before the renewal of Hengchun Airport, the Hengchun Ultra Light Airlines is also the same.It will combine the legal industry in the inland sea airspace of Pingtung County to launch a value -for -money Pingtung 3D Tourist Carnival Tour experience to ensure that everyone can go to the world and sea, so stay tuned.

For detailed content and more information about activities such as “Pingtung Air Tour” and “Pingtung 3D Tourism Carnival” and more information, please pay close attention to the official website of the Pingtung County Government Transportation and Tourism Office and the official FB fan group -Pingtung Go fun, you can quickly master graspThe latest event information and many tourist information such as local attractions, food snacks, accommodation and other tourism.

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