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Scientific and technological cognition of strengthening the strategic ability of emerging fields

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President Xi deeply pointed out that the strategic capabilities of emerging areas are an important part of the national strategi

President Xi deeply pointed out that the strategic capabilities of emerging areas are an important part of the national strategic system and capabilities. It is related to the high -quality development of my country’s economy and society, the initiative of national security and military struggles, and it is important to comprehensively promote the construction of a strong country with Chinese -style modernization and the great cause of national rejuvenation. significance.The strategic capabilities of emerging fields are the leading role of innovation. New quality productivity is highly integrated with new combat effectiveness, two -way stimulation, and emerging technology has formed by cross -generation advantage in the application of military fields.In the new journey, we must comprehensively improve the strategic capabilities of emerging areas, enhance the strategic, cutting -edge, and subversive technologies of emerging areas, vigorously promote independent innovation, original innovation, strengthen integration innovation and comprehensive applications, and effectively defend national sovereignty, Safe and develop interests.

Strengthen the cognitive understanding of emerging fields

Emerging areas are new strategic space and key technical fields that emerge with the progress of scientific and technological progress and the expansion of human activities.It depends on the profound cognition and thorough understanding of the technological value of emerging fields in the high point of the strategic competition system and seizing the initiative of future war.

Focus on the strong army of strong army victory.At present, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, quantum technology, biotechnology, new energy and other emerging strategic high -tech have a profound impact on national defense and military fields.Fighting power.It is necessary to build a multi -dimensional knowledge system with informatization and intelligent technology, strengthen the learning of modern science and technology, especially military high -tech knowledge, timely master the latest scientific and technological achievements, scientific and technological methods and practical experience, and continuously improve the scientific spirit, scientific theory, and scientific methodsThe scientific thinking ability under revelation and guidance accelerates the transformation of the “variables” of emerging fields into the energy of the strong army’s victory, and firmly controls the initiative of national development, military competition and future war.

Focus on new domains and new quality conservation scientific and technological thinking.The development of emerging areas often brings fierce changes in production methods and great progress in society, and has also profoundly affected the trend of world military development.From the cold weapon to the thermal weapon, from mechanization to mechanization information intelligence and integration and development, it is essentially the process of “new quality” replacing the “old quality”, which contains the continuous improvement of scientific and technological cognition.It is necessary to deepen the awareness of the basic principles of science and the technical principles of weapons and equipment, be good at judging the evolution of the form of war from the changes of science and technology, and the opportunity to defeat the war -to -war war from technical principles.Establish a fast channel and institutional mechanism of advanced technology and potential resources to the new combat effectiveness, and promote the transformation of the strategic capabilities of emerging fields from “quantitative” value -added to “quality”.

Focus on empowering efficiency to expand the science and technology vision.Emerging fields, as the growth pole of national strategic capabilities, are also key areas where science and technology cognitive power has devoted to high -end war.Judging from the world’s recent local warfare and military operations, the intelligent unmanned combat system has invested a lot of actual combat. The new quality combat effectiveness shows unprecedented reform and subversiveness, and is becoming the “first driving force” of the evolution of war form.If the scientific and technological cognition is narrow, you may not understand the opponent, the battlefield, and not to the victory.It is necessary to gather high -tech to empower efficiency, review the general trend of the military technological revolution from a multi -dimensional three -dimensional perspective, and see the emerging fields that are not adorable and unreamed.It is necessary to firmly establish the idea of technology as the core combat effectiveness, with the construction of new combat forces as a breakthrough, supporting the application of new areas and new forces, focusing on developing the strategic tactics of the People’s War, in -depth technological efficiency of emerging fields, forming a cross -domain asymmetric strategyThe victory advantage of the game.

Choose Strategic Frontier Technology main attack direction

The core of the emerging field is “technology+innovation”, and the strategic capacity building of emerging fields is largely reflected in technical subversion and disruption, raids and anti -raids, offset and offset, and usually starts with the linear gradient of forward -looking emerging technologyThe mutation of the harmony of the end, and then through key core technology research and development of core equipment, promote the widespread application and integration innovation of emerging technologies in the military field.This technical path requires us to strengthen scientific and technological cognition, innovation, and ability to aim at the forefront to find a breakthrough to improve the strategic capabilities of emerging areas.

Step in scientific and technological innovation “first chess”.Emerging fields are the frontier positions of the game of great powers and key battlefields to defend national security. Once some technologies are made, the impact will be disruptive, and the fundamental changes of war forms and combat methods may be brought.EssenceThe strategic capacity of emerging fields is essentially to strengthen the “new quality” to win, strengthen strategic deterrence from the source of science and technology, and accelerate the transformation of emerging scientific and technological achievements into the military field.It is necessary to pay close attention to the development trend of the new military revolution in the world, clear the focus of development, and grasp the strategic and planned implementation of strategic capacity building in emerging fields.We must pay close attention to the changes of science and technology, the changes of war, and the changes of their opponents, and bravely break into the technology “unmanned area”, analyze the strategic emerging industries and new combat power construction in the development and development in the development and development of the development and development of the technology.New path.

Recognize technical traps in emerging fields.Emerging areas contain rich technology, resources and industries, and contain huge energy that affects national security.Strengthening scientific and technological cognition focuses on improving the technical sensitivity of new and new creations in emerging areas.It is necessary to “higher layer” in scientific and technological cognition to identify the true and false technologies that have been incorporated into the military development perspective, and avoid the “trap”.The two engines of theoretical innovation and scientific and technological innovation should be launched to consolidate the foundation and add confidence to the “worst situation” of the future battlefield.It is necessary to aim at the forefront of technology and accurately judge the application of digitalization, intelligence, and network in future wars, and provide “hard core” support for our army invincible.

Prevent potential opponent technical raids.The achievements of scientific and technological innovation in emerging areas are applied in the military field. The first -to -be -starting party is easy to use technological advantages to occupy the initiative, and it is difficult for the post -to -hair side to “change the rules of the game.”If the scientific and technological cognitive power has a poor generation, there may be a technology gap in the shaping of new combat effectiveness, and the risk of being technically assault by the new combat power of the opponent.It is necessary to closely track the frontier dynamics of the main opponent’s technology, especially subversive technological innovation, and determine the correct follow -up and breakthrough strategies of strategic capacity building in emerging fields.It is necessary to aim at the future “what to fight, who fights with, where to fight, how to fight”, and adhere to the actual departure of national security strategic needs and military combat capabilities, fully recognize the pros and cons of the technological innovation of emerging fields on the advantages and disadvantages and impacts of all parties and influences and influences of all partiesThe degree, development and savings of emerging field resources, so that the achievements of scientific and technological innovation in emerging areas can better empower the decision -making chain, command chain and combat power generation chain.

Full liberation and development of new combat effectiveness

The development of emerging areas fundamentally derived from the innovation and application of science and technology, which provides material foundation and technical support for the generation of new combat effectiveness.The biggest feature of new combat effectiveness is “new”. The higher the awareness of science and technology, the stronger the innovation and creativity in emerging areas.The transformation of the technological strength and innovation strength of emerging areas into a bridge of military strength can generate new combat effectiveness with new principles and new mechanisms.

Construct a new quality combat effectiveness to generate quality.The construction of strategic capabilities in emerging fields is a complex system project that not only includes the research and development and deployment of hardware facilities, but also the construction and application of software systems, and a new combat theory, tactical strategy and action rules formed based on this.It is necessary to innovate and explore the construction and application model of new combat forces. From the aspects of the new expansion of combat dimensions, new changes in the winning mechanism, new modes of weapons and equipment, and new forms of power grouping, the old combat effectiveness system is abandoned.Strengthen scientific and technological innovation in the fields of deep sea, space, underground, polar land, enhance the transformation rate of scientific and technological achievements, and give birth to new combat effectiveness system elements.Aiming at the target heart of combat needs, promote the transformation and use of scientific and technological innovation achievements in emerging fields to combat, training, management, equipment and other fields, promote the combat effectiveness to produce a qualitative leap, and create advanced combat effectiveness with full element, whole process, and all system combat capabilities.

Accelerate the effective supply of new combat effectiveness.At present, emerging areas have shown a comprehensive, multi -field, and deep development trend, and the core technologies that support the generation of new combat effectiveness have been transformed from accelerated from traditional areas to emerging fields.Driven by scientific and technological innovation, when the direction of various fields through multi -point breakthroughs, multi -party penetration and deep fusion, etc., it triggers the core factor of combat effectiveness & mdash; & mdash;Quality combat effectiveness.It is necessary to deepen reform and innovation, highlight the reform of emerging areas, build an innovative ecology of independent self -strengthening, openness, and vibrant innovation, and promote multi -point breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation in emerging fields, and group bursts.Accelerate the production of new equipment capabilities and pre -planning of talent training, with high -quality supply of talents at high levels of emerging fields, and stimulate the vitality of each element of new combat effectiveness.We will improve the institutional mechanisms of demand docking, planning connection, resource sharing, etc., take a good standard of generalization, broaden the transformation path, and accelerate the infiltration of scientific and technological innovation into the combat power units.Deepen the reform of the national defense science and technology industry system, build an innovative chain, industrial chain, and value chain that is adapted to the development of emerging areas, gather strength resources in all aspects, create a system of emerging and growth poles of emerging technology materialization, and strive to form a new combat effectiveness system.Emerge and synergistic effects.

Explore the model of combat effectiveness.The technological cognitive power has formed a multiplication effect of technological advantages in emerging fields, and promotes the continuous development of new models of combat effectiveness.It is necessary to use the “iteration” thinking planning to plan emerging areas, unifying the traditional field and expanding emerging areas, and “overtaking” around the advanced technology that “cannot buy” to create a “sprinkler” in emerging fields.Accurately grasp the significant characteristics of the mixed war in the digital age. Based on the current and surpassing the present, focusing on the leading direction of strategic planning, campaign command, tactical use, strategic delivery, and logistical support, Integrate to promote the use of new types of forces combat use and current equipment capabilities, and continuously improve the effectiveness of the use of combat effectiveness.

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