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Scientific planning and layout, comprehensively expand quality and improve quality, create basic education high -quality development "Zoucheng model"

8 min read · Lightning News, April 19th. On the morning of April 19th, the Jining Municipal Government News Office organ · Lightning News, April 19th. On the morning of April 19th, the Jining Municipal Government News Office organized a series of press conferences of “Focusing on Education’s High -quality Development and Writing the People Satisfaction Education Answers” (Session 2).Introduce Zoucheng’s scientific planning layout, comprehensively expand optimal quality and improve quality, create a “Zoucheng model” related situation of high -quality development of basic education, and answer questions from reporters.
It is understood that Zoucheng’s household registration population is 1.2 million, the permanent population is nearly one million, and there are 143 compulsory education schools, with 196,000 students in the school.In recent years, Zoucheng has firmly grasped the political attributes, strategic attributes and people’s livelihood attributes of education, anchor the goal of building a strong education city, and solidly promote the high -quality development of education.He has won the basic balanced county of compulsory education in compulsory education, advanced units of education informatization, and honorary titles such as the rural education revitalization experimental area, education work demonstration city, teacher education advanced unit, and smart education demonstration zone.This year, Zoucheng will be the first county and cities in the province to create a national compulsory education high -quality balanced development county and preschool education to popularize the county.
Planning leadership, the education layout is continuously optimized.Zoucheng is in the urban area, and it is a “nine -year” and “twelve -year system” park to run schools in the urban area.Investment 3 billion yuan, build 8 education parks, with a total construction area of 660,000 square meters, and the construction scale and investment efforts are unprecedented.Last year, Beicheng Education Park and Lao Yizhong were completed and put into operation, with 8,700 new degrees, which effectively resolved the peak of enrollment.In the second half of the second half of 2023, the green low -carbon high -quality development key projects were observed at the scene, and the Beicheng Education Park was selected as the “Five Five Interests” project.In the summer of this year, Tiexi, Laoshan, and Taiping Education Park were completed and put into operation.In rural areas, do the “subtraction”, “one town, one strategy”, break the restrictions of administrative areas, optimize and integrate 27 “small weakly scattered” schools, and give play to the scale of school running.
Increase investment, the school’s appearance continues to improve.In recent years, Zoucheng has invested more than 200 million yuan, transformed 15 boarding schools for heating, 34 schools of schools, 383 school buildings fire; hardening, beautifying, purifying 35 school campuses; 35 rural school sports fields, 35 rural schools, and 35 rural schools,Canteen reconstruction; specially purchasing educational information equipment such as smart blackboards, laptop computers for rural schools.Starting the third round of strong school expansion operations, urban and rural schools formed 20 alliances, and 126 rural schools were fully covered to help people help the quality.A new school has become a beautiful landscape in urban and rural areas.In 2023 Jining Education Observation and Comment, Zou City ranked first.
Consolidate the foundation, and the teachers are continuously strengthened.Zou Cheng has vigorously recruited talents, implemented the excellent talent plan, return to the nest plan, and targeted recruitment.In the past three years, more than 1,000 supplementary teachers have been recruited.Promote teachers to teach across schools and inter -school segments.There are 1,200 inter -school exchange teachers each year.Introduce the “Measures for Teachers’ Evaluation and Evaluation” to highlight the workload and teaching achievements, and speak with achievements and contributions.Adhering to the teacher’s “job training, business competition, basic training for business, and basic skills”, more than 2,300 famous teachers above Jining City are selected as “key projects of teachers’ education collaborative innovation”.
Highlight the main business and the quality of teaching continues to improve.Zoucheng aimed at the main business of the main responsibility, adhered to the teaching center and the core of quality, improved the “School Evaluation Reward Measures”, and implemented the “standard+characteristic” classification assessment.Introduced the “Measures for Teachers’ Evaluation and Evaluation”, and the realization of “the hero with the hero” is clear.In -depth implementation of the goals and leadership, a junior high school and high school teaching conference each year.Establish a high school contracting responsibility area, implement the review list for review, and practice collective lessons and layered teaching.For three consecutive years, it has undertaken the monitoring of the quality of national compulsory education, and the results of the college entrance examination in the high school entrance examination are in the forefront of Jining.Six high schools are commended by the Jining Municipal Government as a advanced teaching unit each year.Zoucheng No. 1 Middle School was commended as “merit school” for three consecutive years. The only one in Jining City, Peking University awarded the “Boya Talent Co -Railway Base”.
Rich activities, the quality of students has developed in an all -round way.Zoucheng adheres to the fundamental task of Lideshu, and more than 60 schools have been rated as national and provincial moral education brand schools.Hosted the Family Education Conference of the Lindu people in the province in 2023.Continue to promote the “double reduction” work, optimize after -school service, enrich student community activities, and do a good job of students’ sports, aesthetic education, labor education, and mental health education.Holding the home competition of the Shandong Taishan Golden Gangshan Team, the province’s National Fitness Games, the National Qi volleyball competition, the province’s mountaineering competition, and the 16th Games of Jining.Hold the primary and secondary school sunshine class competitions, sports meetings, “Mayor Cup” football, basketball, tennis, and talent competitions to increase vitality, refine, strong constitution, and exhibition style.
Warm service, satisfaction continues to improve.Zoucheng implemented “tolerance enrollment” and “warm enrollment”. In 2023, 35 public enrollment areas were designated to allow parents to “one more choice”.Part of the villages of the four urban and rural areas are incorporated into the scope of school enrollment in urban areas, and school buses are opened to allow surrounding villagers to share the “dividends” of high -quality education.The “100-1 = 0” concept of the tree, supervise the “full coverage” of the responsibility area, all the construction of the school’s “three defense” and “4 100%” has all reached the standard.Strengthen the coordination of departments, and normalize the special rectification of fire protection, anti -campus bullying, drowning, transportation, food, food, and surrounding campuses, and have won “advanced collectives for campus safety work in the province”.Specializing in focusing on strengths and personnel, solving the demands of the masses, the masses’ satisfaction and happiness of education work continuously.
This year, Zoucheng took the fundamental starting point to run the people’s satisfaction education and build a county education highland, anchor the “four targets”, implement the “four major tackling actions”, and strive to build the forefront of the province’s education highlands, strive for demonstration as a demonstration demonstration.Essence
Anchor the goal of Preschool Education Public Welfare, and implement the “supplementation of short -term improvement”.In line with the new expectations of the masses, find the symptoms, precise efforts, speed up the construction of 4 kindergarten projects, and make good use of the new community supporting park.Give full play to the role of radiation in the pilot parks of two provinces and cities, and vigorously promote the “famous teacher, famous principal” training project.Implement the integrated management model of town and village kindergarten, and coordinate and share urban and rural areas.Establish 28 “Children’s Education Alliance” and 39 “pairing assistance communities” to improve the level of running parks as a whole.Actively apply for provincial demonstrations and provincial high -quality gardens, build a preschool education public service system covering urban and rural areas, reasonable layout, and public welfare inclusiveness, and successfully create national preschool education to popularize the Plaza County.
Anchor compulsory education high -quality balance goals, and implement “quality improvement”.Adhere to the city’s “one game of chess” and the “one picture” of the whole region, find a gap and promote improvement.Make good use of the government’s special bonds and special loans, inverted construction periods, and promote it to ensure that Tiexi, Taiping, and Laoshan Education Park are completed and put into use; strengthen internal excavation and alleviate the “second peak” of enrollment.Accelerate optimization and integration, promote the gathering of rural primary schools to the town residents and central villages, and optimize quality and improvement through slimming and strong body.Use a good talent to attract policies to enrich the teacher team.Strengthen the county’s overall planning, unblock the teacher’s mobile mechanism, and increase the rotation of teachers.Improve the school’s assessment and evaluation, highlight the teaching performance, pay close attention to quality monitoring, and make every effort to teaching and improve quality.Trees to build the whole environment to establish a brand education brand, and create a copy of the “Zoucheng Model” that can be replicated and promoted.Continue to promote the pilot reform of the province’s rural education revitalization experimental area and the smart education experimental zone, and successfully create a national compulsory education high -quality balanced development county.
Anchor a variety of goals of high school education, and implement the “connotation improvement”.Pay close attention to the reform of the college entrance examination policy, expand multi -channel expansion resources, step up the implementation of the “county’s general high school development and improvement plan”, and expand the scale of enrollment.Strengthen the guarantee of resource elements. The high standard construction is centered on the center, the second middle school, the experimental middle school, the Yankuang No. 1 Middle School, the Mengzi Lake Middle School, and the Yankuang No. 2 Middle School are wings.The new layout of the development of high school education in one heart, five wings and two wings.Actively create the provincial and Jining High School Bases, and consolidate the foundation of talent development of high school education.Vigorously implement sub -level teaching, promote the personalized training of students, expand the channels for the college entrance examinations such as strong bases, spring examinations, arts, and flying, and strive to create a peak of college entrance examinations and make more Zoucheng students be promoted into the ideal university.
Anchor vocational education modern and high -quality goals, and implement “benefit improvement”.Focusing on the implementation of the “two -wheeled” driver strategy, guided by serving the “two billion industrial clusters and six billion tens of billions of meters”, actively promoted the combination of engineering, topped the internship training model, and enhanced the level of vocational education.Deepen the joint school with enterprises and universities, support the establishment of technician colleges of the Second Senior Technical School in Jining, and strengthen key professional construction such as high -end equipment, robots, and new energy vehicles.Improve the relevant policies for enterprise engineering and technical personnel and high -skilled professionals to go to vocational schools as part -time teachers, and support vocational schools to hire part -time teachers from enterprises and related functional departments to ensure that the proportion of dual -teacher teachers accounted for more than 70%.
Lightning News reporter Du Zongyi reported
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