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May 24, 2024

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Scripture Cup high ball game is open to register with the ball club friends who are not afraid of "high poles"

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[The Epoch Times, March 22, 2024] (Reported by the Epoch Times reporter Xu Manyu Almong) The Republic of China Golf of th

[The Epoch Times, March 22, 2024] (Reported by the Epoch Times reporter Xu Manyu Almong) The Republic of China Golf of the Republic of China held a press conference at the Luoqiao Center on March 21 (Thursday) and announced that it will be at the Luoqiao Center.On April 23 (Tuesday), the Pacific Palms Resort and Golf Club of the Pacific Palm Resort and Golf Club in the Industrial Market (Tuesday) hosted the annual Teco Cup Golf of Golf this year. There are four this year.In the hole in the hole, friends from all walks of life are welcome to register.

Ye Junlin, the president of the Republic of China Golf Federation of the Republic of China in Southern California, invited all walks of life to participate in the Scripture Cup. He laughed at himself as the chairman, but he just “said a good ball”.Although the less the number of rods, the better, you can fight for the “high pole”, as long as you enjoy the Green lawn, the fresh air (Oxygen), the sun, and Friendship golf (Golf),sports.

After the game on April 23, a dinner will be held. Ye Junlin also welcomes friends who do not play.He believes that one of the main purpose of playing is friends at home and abroad, so we sincerely welcome all circles to join. At present, 120 participating places are opened, and you can use QR code to scan and register.

Zhang Zhengyu, deputy director of the Classic Division in Los Angeles, attended the press conference of the Classic Cup. He especially thanked the Golf Federation of the Republic of China in Southern California to host the Classic Cup and National Day Cup each year.At the same time, let the mainstream American society see the vitality of the Taiwan community and increase the visibility of Taiwan.He looks forward to participating in the local overseas Chinese.

Chen Minyong, director of Luoqiao Center, also encouraged the diasporas of Nanda to participate in the Classic Cup Golf game. Everyone played golf and skills together.He also thanked Coach Lin Yuezhi for the training of his colleagues for the past eight months. This year, there will be colleagues in the Scriptures to participate in the competition.

Chen Zhengji, former president of the Republic of China Golf Federation of the Republic of China, 85 years old, still play golf every day.He encouraged the elders at home to participate in the golf game: “Walking is a good exercise for the elderly, welcome everyone to play together.”

Chen Linghua, the first female president of the association, said that although the ball skills need to be improved, they still actively participate in the competition.She also won the long -distance award of the women’s group, hoping that all the golfers will sign up to participate.

During the epidemic period, the Yangtze River Ruizheng also encouraged the people of the South Canada to go out outdoors, show the skills and style of the ball together, and friendship with friends.She welcomes everyone to participate in the dinner. On the day, there was a wealth of lottery prizes, including the Los Angeles Taipei tickets sponsored by China Airlines.

Lin Yuezhi, director of the event and golf coach, said that a big highlight of this year’s competition is that there will be colleagues in the Los Angeles Classic Office to register for the competition. Colleagues from the Classic Office start to go to the stadium every Saturday at 7:15 at the end of August last year.In addition to professional coaches, there are also local Taiwanese high school students in Nanda.He said: “We hope this is not only one issue, but a tradition of continuing.” He encouraged Taiwan’s diplomatic employees to participate in local activities in South Canada to interact with the diaspora; movement is the common language of the world, which can promote friendshipAt the same time, increase the opportunity to communicate with foreign friends.◇

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