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May 24, 2024

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Shanxi Province Group participated in China (Hangzhou) Food and E -commerce Expo

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On April 24th, the "2024 China (Hangzhou) Food E -commerce Expo and the Chief of the Chinese (Hangzhou) Private Domain" opening of the Hangz
On April 24th, the “2024 China (Hangzhou) Food E -commerce Expo and the Chief of the Chinese (Hangzhou) Private Domain” opening of the Hangzhou International Expo Center.The exhibition of “Ending with ‘Food’, Co -Chain and Symbols” brings together high -quality food and agricultural supply chain enterprises at home and abroad.The docking platform for suppliers and e -commerce resources will negotiate docking cooperation on the spot.Strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of e -commerce, promote the rapid development of the food and e -commerce industry, expand product sales channels, cultivate best -selling products in the network, select 10 major categories of food in Shanxi Province, more than 50 manufacturers to exhibit, comprehensively demonstrate the development of e -commerce, docking and negotiating negotiationsSeek cooperation.
The Shanxi exhibition area is located in the local specialty food theme hall in the center of the exhibition hall. The exhibition hall is 304 square meters. It is the largest special booth with the exhibition area.The design of the exhibition hall combines Shanxi elements such as the Yellow River, wooden tower, and ancient city. The overall image is open, atmospheric, and highly recognizable, allowing people to deeply feel the unique charm of Shanxi culture.The exhibition area is transparent, bright, compact and orderly, and has a strong sense of design. Through multimedia and scientific and technological means, and comprehensive application of sound and optoelectronics, it has improved the visibility and interaction, and shows the new achievements and new images of Shanxi’s opening to the outside world.Close to the theme of “Jinfeng Jinyun Jin Mei Jin Mei”, the exhibition area has set up special categories, platforms and supply chain companies, old names, new online goods and excellent online store exhibition areas to comprehensively display the characteristics of Shanxi specialty products and food industry.Among them, the characteristic category exhibition area focuses on displaying Shanxi vinegar, Fenjiu, Xiaomi, Taigu cake, Pingyao beef, miscellaneous grain, red dates, knife noodles, medicine and food homologous foods, etc.The development results of key e -commerce platforms and supply chain companies; the old -fashioned products of Liuweizhai, Guo’s sheep soup, Yongxianghe, and Yanmen Qing Gao’s old -fashioned products have appeared in the old -fashioned exhibition area.
Shanxi Provincial Company stated that while promoting enterprises and products with the exhibition platform, we strive to learn from advanced practices and successful experiences, actively and negotiate the platform of e -commerce institutions, anchors, expand product e -commerce sales results, solve the bottleneck of enterprise development bottlenecksEssence
It is reported that on April 25, Shanxi Province held a special promotion meeting for Shanxi Shanxi Shanxi Shanxi Province to hold the “Jinfeng Jinyun Jin Mei”.The representatives of e -commerce companies and experts attended the promotion meeting.(Reporter Xie Changmin)
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