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May 24, 2024

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Shennan Avenue has added a composite cultural space to learn the educational sentence Elephant Bookstore Xinhui Store to open trial operations

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On the morning of April 23rd, the A -share listed company Xueda Education Group's sentence Xiangxiang Bookstore Shenzhen Futian Xinhui Store opened a

On the morning of April 23rd, the A -share listed company Xueda Education Group’s sentence Xiangxiang Bookstore Shenzhen Futian Xinhui Store opened a trial operation.This is the fourth sentence of Xue Education in Shenzhen, and it is also the tenth sentencestore in the country.Chunri Fangfei is good. At the time of reading, on the 29th “World Reading Day”, the shop also launched a series of activities of the “First Elephant Bookstore Reading Promotion Month”.

At the launching ceremony, Zhang Xia, chairman of the Shenzhen Book and Express Industry Association, deputy general manager of CITIC City (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., and deputy chairman of the asset management department Ye Lin and CITIC City (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.Song Buzhou, general manager of Hui Business, and Jia Peijun, director of business investment in the Asset Management Department of CITIC City (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., came to the scene to guide.

(The launching ceremony of the “First Sentence Store Bookstore Reading Promotion month”)

Since its establishment in 2001, the study of education has continued to cultivate the field of personalized education, and has never forgotten its original intention, and has actively helped the construction of a learning society that has grown for life.In recent years, Xueda Education has based on personalized education concepts as the base and extended the integration of vocational education, cultural reading, and medical education.Sentence -like Bookstore is an innovative format for the service “National Reading” strategy that is actively exploring the layout of the layout of the layout of the “National Reading” strategy in mid -2021.

On New Year’s Day in 2022, the first store of the sentence store in the country appeared at Shenzhen Luohu Baoneng Global Exchange; in 2023, Xue University of Education has successively set up a sentence of Mall stores in Longgang Bay, Longgang Bay, Shenzhen, and a sentence shop in Shenzhen Longcheng CC Creative Street Store; 2023In April, Beijing’s first Sentence Bookstore opened; in December 2023, the sentence store entered the southwest, and the Chengdu Shuangdian opened simultaneously; in April 2024, Xiangxiang Bookstore Wuhan Shuangdian opened, and it is still being promoted.Layout.In the next five years, Xue University of Education expects to open more than 100 sentences in major cities across the country.

According to Xiao Yan, the general manager of the Cultural Space Division of the University of Education Group, the Jianxiang Bookstore uses books as a medium, and innovative formats such as sharing borrowing networks, preferential cultural and creative markets, coffee drinks supply and various reading space and reading activities.Provide special services such as unlimited borrowing, preferential value -for -money product discounts, reading habits, and customization of reading activities for bookstore members to deeply meet consumers’ personalized needs, thereby achieving high stickiness and high -quality connections between bookstores and readers.It is understood that the Jianxiang Bookstore has currently served more than 13,000 members, and the number of books borrowing has reached 223,000 copies.

Talking about the site selection of the Futian Xinhui Store of Ji E liked to the site, Xiao Yan said that it is like Chang’an Street in Beijing, and the Champs Elyshed Street is in Paris.Extraordinary development.Sentence -like bookstore hopes to build an innovative reading space and future -oriented living space. Taking national stores as its origin, radiation nearby streets, communities, kindergartens, elementary schools, etc., build cultural symbols in combination with the deep heritage of different cities, with characteristic and intelligentization with characteristics and intelligenceServices to promote the common prosperity of people in different levels, different types, and different regions to realize their spiritual life.

(Sentence -like bookstore Shenzhen Futian Xinhui Store Real Estate)

In addition, Jianxiang Bookstore builds the living room of the urban culture conference with the design of the wrong fall and accessible design, providing a variety of active spaces that meet the needs of parent -child activities, family reading, independent office, group building and meeting.Sentence -like bookstores plan to carry out brand activities of not less than 150 scenes to family readers each year, covering rich and diverse categories such as science and technology, culture, and non -genetic inheritance.Get habits, make every effort to build children’s growth parks, parents’ “dolls” and “professional gas stations”, as well as cultural construction positions in communities and streets.

“Sentence reads sound, elephant is invisible”, the “sentence” in the brand name of the sentence store comes from “sentence reading”. Some scholars trace the source.: “Quoting to him, lost his sentence, and did nothing, the laughter was laughed.””Elephant” comes from the expression of “generous generosity, no late instrument, late sounds, elephant invisible” in the Tao Te Ching, which is the pursuit of high -level life realm.And elephant is a smart, spiritual group of living animals, pays great attention to family life, and such as the care and companionship of children’s growth than parents.

Parent -child reading is the basic engineering of the whole people, and it is also an important part of family education.Xue University of Education focuses on a small incision with parent -child reading, and write a large articles read by the whole people.On the afternoon of April 23, at the family parent -child reading forum with the theme of “Book Fragrance and Building a Powerful Power” at the 3rd National Reading Conference, Kang Hui and Tao Fenfen Fund, director of the News Broadcasting Department of the Central Radio and Television General Taiwan News Center News CenterNie Zhenning, the chairman of the fourth party of the Council, emphasized that doing a good job of parent -child reading work must establish a complete, scientific and professional family reading guidance service system.

In the process of growth, children need to read outstanding works suitable for their physical and mental development.In the future society, what children need not only knowledge, but also internalize the knowledge learned into their own wealth with emotions and thinking.Parent -child reading choices affecting children’s personality shaping, so when the number of books is huge and the content of the content is uneven, the sentence shop is committed to guiding parents to choose a nutritious spiritual food for children, and cultivate children to form different works for different works.The ability to identify, so that it is beneficial to truly opening.

(Sentence Elephant Bookstore has a specialized area of children’s friendly regions.

It is worth mentioning that the sentences of the sentences have recently become member units of the Reading and Writing Committee of the Chinese Children’s Literature Research Association.There is a way to teach the son, and the scholarly attracts the way.Since the second half of 2021, Xue University of Education has developed a smart reading guidance system based on the company’s deepening of more than 20 years of deeply cultivating personalized education in the field of more than 20 years in the field of personalized education.Sentence -like bookstore expects to rely on the children’s friendly reading field of the children’s friendly reading field, and spend three years with parents to accompany the children to read 1,500 classic paper books.After more than two years of practice, the company has seen a significant improvement in many children in terms of bilingual reading ability in China and Britain.

Let the society full of love and let Shu Xiang surge in China.At the beginning of April this year, the Jianxiang Bookstore launched a series of activities of the “First Elephant Bookstore Reading Month”. Nine stores in Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Wuhan are simultaneously linking to fully integrate relevant resources, exert the advantages of the platform, and use 2024 “Book FragranceChina • Poetry Juvenile “Chinese -English bilingual reading style display activities, writer signing sharing sessions,” small book administrators “professional experience activities, book exchange sharing meetings, picture book reading activities, entered community reading activities and other rich and diverse forms.Guide children to enlighten their wisdom in the incense incense and strengthen cultural self -confidence in reading activities.

The “First Session of the First Elephant Bookstore Reading Promotion Month” series of activities launched by the Futian Xinhui Store in Jianxiangxiang Bookstore is also a powerful measure to help reading “sustainable growth”.In the future, the Elephant Bookstore will continue to deeply cultivate the readers of the service all -year -old section to obtain a high -quality reading experience. At the same time, it will further explore the innovative model, and help more children to grow up to the future newcomers with personalized family education guidance to help more children.The social style of love to read, read good books, and read good books “makes music reading and reading become the cultural landscape of more regions., Cultural nutrition and value support.

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