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June 16, 2024

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Sichuan accelerate the implementation of ecological environment -oriented development (EOD) model ecological face value and economic value two -way "run"

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Sichuan Online Reporter Zhang Meng"Recently, it's really busy!" On May 6, Pang Fanghong, resident of Longchi Town, Emeishan City, drank

Sichuan Online Reporter Zhang Meng

“Recently, it’s really busy!” On May 6, Pang Fanghong, resident of Longchi Town, Emeishan City, drank saliva and was busy greeting the next wave of camping tourists.

The May Day holiday ushered in the peak of tourism in the Sixi Gully Scenic Area, Longchi Town, Nanshan, Emei.Different from the past, tourists now come to Longchi Town not only to appreciate the wonders of the cave, but also have a new destination -Taoyuan Village not far from the Sixou Scenic Area.Taoyuan Village integrates ecological restoration with modern agriculture, ecological agriculture, and tourism agriculture, and builds a landscape platform, restaurant, book bar and other formats based on the original building.Green water and green mountains have become the virtuous circle of Jinshan Yinshan and Jinshan Yinshan to feed the green mountains and green mountains.

The water ecological restoration project in the core area of Longchi Lake to Sixigou, Emei Nanshan.

In recent years, Sichuan has continued to explore the implementation of ecological environment -oriented development (EOD) models, promote the effective integration of ecological environmental governance projects with industrial development, and broaden the path of green water and green mountains into Jinshan Yinshan.As of now, Sichuan has successfully launched 14 EOD projects with a total investment of 72.5 billion yuan, of which the total investment of ecological environmental governance projects is about 21 billion yuan.The Ecological Environment Department has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with eight institutions in April. It is expected that the investment and financing of the ecological environment will exceed 250 billion yuan in the next three years.

Resource “fat and thin match”

Let the ecological environment project operate with market operations

“We don’t have high -rise buildings here, but there are good mountains and rivers.” Pang Fanghong introduced that in the past, he often heard the evaluation of “the road is not good, the car is not good”, “Although the scenery is good but the supporting facilities”, and nowThe infrastructure construction of the scenic area is continuously complete. The water ecology of “with rivers and water, fish, and grass” water ecology improves the naked eye. “Many people choose to camping nearby in addition to the scenic area.”Travel Mea”.

How does change happen?Time to go back to 2022, the “Emeishan City Ecological Environmental Quality Promotion and Green Industry Integration Development Project” was successfully included in the second batch of 58 EOD models in the country, involving areas such as Longchi Lake to Sixigou, Emei, including ecology and industryProject, Longchi Town is among them.

The reason why the EOD project landed on Mount Emei was Liu Xinmin, deputy director of the Institute of Environmental Economic Policy, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Sichuan Province.On the one hand, Emeishan relies on good natural resource endowment, and has a strong correlation with the development of the cultural tourism industry on the basis of ecological environment governance.; On the other hand, the urgent needs of local governance of ecological environment.

Village Road, Nanshan Village, Longchi Town, Emeishan City.

Yin Xin, chief engineer of Emeishan Ecological and Environment Bureau, admits that although Emeishan City has the Emeishan Scenic Spot, the water body, soil pollution and the damage caused by some abandoned mines in Emeanshan area are urgent to restore ecological restoration and ecological environment -oriented development model.Ecological environment projects are in line with market -oriented operations to meet the needs of ecological environment governance, and they can also highlight the needs of industrial development.

In recent years, Sichuan has been included in the projects of the national EOD model pilot. The ecological environment governance is mainly based on comprehensive remediation of water environment.Special industries reflect different characteristics.

For example, the EOD project of Pyeongchang County, Bazhong City includes the entire industry chain of high -quality beef cow breeding; Nanchong focuses on comprehensive governance around the Jialing River (Shunqing section) basin.Good income projects are jointly developed and built with environmental governance projects with strong public welfare and weak income, and they are jointly developed and built, and the development of related industries while ecological environmental protection is used.

Improve project attraction

Grasp the two key points of profit models and project financing

“Improving the environment is the first, and at the same time, it is necessary to make capital willing to enter, enter, and benefit.” Liu Xinmin believes that the public welfare nature of ecological environment governance and the benefits of industrial development are mutually mutual.The key is whether the project can be profitable after the project is “packaged”.

The reporter learned that through the “ecological environment governance + tourism development and green agricultural industry integration and development” promotion model of “Ecological Environmental Governance + Scenic Area Tourism Development and Green Agricultural Industry”, it effectively drove the investment in the ecological environmental governance and infrastructure of the scenic spot in the scenic area, and achieved the scenic spot.Enterprise linkage and village -enterprise cooperation, the collective economic income of the local villages is more than 300,000 yuan, the tourist revenue of the scenic spot reaches 25 million yuan, and the investment in ecological environmental governance has reached 9 million yuan.

Yin Xin provided a set of data. The financial evaluation of EOD project of Emeishan City showed that internal financial internal yields (after tax) were 5.44%, the investment recycling period (after tax) was 15 years, and the debt repayment rate was 1.52, indicating that the project could be realizedBalanced funds, and has certain profitability and capacity, economic data indicates feasible.

Monuada Futian, Taoyuan Village, Longchi Town.

Regarding the profit of the project, the relevant person in charge of the National Development Bank Sichuan Branch suggested that the projects that have a high degree of maturity, close relevance, and the upcoming projects will be bundled in the past two or three years.Plan the projects with good integration, concentrated layout, and “small and beautiful”.

“In this process, government departments cannot be used as a shopkeeper. They should fully integrate the resources of all parties, ensure the implementation of the project implementation elements, and ensure the standardized management of the project from planning, implementation, and operation and maintenance.Basic and advantages, industrial development conditions have the situation, market demand and expectations.

To enhance the attraction of EOD projects to social capital, it is also a key to broaden financing channels.To this end, the Ecological Environment Department, together with the Finance Department, Xingxuan Sichuan Branch, and the Sichuan Regulatory Bureau of the Sichuan Regulatory Bureau of the State Financial Supervision and Administration of the State Financial Supervision and Administration, formulate related policies such as loan discounts, incorporating EOD projects into the scope of fiscal discounts, becoming the first country in the countryProvincial provinces that support discounted EOD projects.

In recent years, Sichuan has increased its financial investment, innovatively explored financing channels such as green credit, green bonds, green funds, green leasing, and carbon finance.pattern.

News noun

EOD mode

It is an ecological environment -oriented development model. Through the industrial chain extension, joint operation, and combined development, it promotes the effective integration of the affiliated industry with strong public welfare and poor income.The economic value of the brings.

(Photo Conferry at Emeishan Ecological and Environment Bureau)

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