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SpongeBob’s Strange Food Lantern meatball rice, canned bread

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I went to see SpongeBob on my idle,41The slideshow meat ball rice of the boss in Ji Li has always been curious about wh

I went to see SpongeBob on my idle,41The slideshow meat ball rice of the boss in Ji Li has always been curious about what to eat from a young age. It is obviously called “meatball rice” like a sliced toast.What exactly is.

Give a close -up, look.

go throughUPThe main verification, this stuff really exists, the original text of the slide meat ball rice is “Holographic Meatloaf“, And in itMeatloafRefers to a kind of American classic cuisine: roasted meat roll, which is roughly long:

It looks like a toast bread …

Not much to say, probably talk about the historical allusions of this famous dish:

MeatloafIt is usually translated as meat rolls or roasted meat rolls. It is a kind of American home -made dishes made of meat and other spices. This food originated in Europe.5The ancient Roman cooking book “ApiciusThere are already records in “.

The meat rolls are very popular in Germany and Belgium, and the production method is very similar to the German burger meat pie as and the Dutch meatballs.19Only the century appeared. It is rumored to be improved by German and American in Pennsylia. During the Great Economic Depression, meat rolls became the source of cheap protein for many American families.

Let’s talk about the practice of this thing:

1,Crush the meat, you can use beef, calf, pork, mutton, venison, or chicken.

2,Add onion grains, garlic, green onion, Baili fragrance, bread debris

3,Add eggs and milk and mix and mix well

4,Sea with an appropriate amount of salt and black pepper

5,Put the meat ball on the baking sheet,

7,Slice before eating and drizzle the sauce made of tomato sauce and brown sugar.

To be honest, justUPThe Lord personally likes to eat this. After all, it is large and full of meat, sufficient gravy, and the price is not very expensive (5to7Europe), the taste is like a large lion head, with sauerkraut and yellow mustard to eat beautiful.

In addition, because the prototype of the boss is a sword water flea, this creature usually obtain nutrients by photosynthesis, so the boss “eat” slide meat ball rice is also acceptable.

Ah, the content seems a bit less …. Let’s talk about it again26The canned noodle bread mentioned in Ji Yili is the number of words.

“WOW! They have it! CanNed Bread!”—-Squidward

This famous canned bread appearing in SpongeBob is also childhood.UPThe cuisine of the mind, but no matter which supermarket is, it has not found it.UPThe Lord’s verification, this interesting canned bread is also real:

Many companies are produced by canned bread, including Japan, the United States, Europe, etc., but because SpongeBob is an American cartoon, it will focus on this American canned black bread:B & MEssence

Briefly introduce this company:

B & MThe company was born in the earliest birth1867In the year, founded by George Bernemchar Morril, he originally mainly operated traditional canned smoked bean business.

1913YearB & MFranklin Street, Portland, Maine13The original site of the number moved toCascoBay, its canned production line adds canned grilled beef, lamb, pork, grilled chicken, roasted turkey, carrots and vegetables.

1999Year3moon,B & G FoodsBuyB & M,nowadaysB & MStill baking beans in the open pot in the brick furnace in a traditional way. This process makes the beans have a solid and original flavor, which is far better than modern can beans.

And this bread isB & MBreaking a new type of bread storage method for conventional development, bread stored by tin cans can be transported stably without being destroyed, and its flavor can also be well preserved;B & MWhen to start selling this canned bread, it has already existed in the American store for a long time.

This bread has two flavors: original and raisins.

There are various ways to eat, as you like.

This canned breadUPThe main person has never eaten it, but listening to the well -known oil pipe with goodsUPJudging from the evaluation of Uncle Xiong, there is a strong “taste of canned food”, so interested readers and grandpa can buy it. Hehe.


weight:2 ounces




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