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June 16, 2024

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Tencent Cloud and Tengquan Technology reached strategic cooperation to promote the acceleration of artificial intelligence education for young people

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On May 7, Tencent Cloud and Jiangsu Tengquan Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to

On May 7, Tencent Cloud and Jiangsu Tengquan Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tengquan Technology”) officially reached a strategic cooperation.The experience of deep cultivation has jointly promoted the popularization of artificial intelligence education in young people.

This year’s “two sessions”, artificial intelligence has become a hot topic and the focus of attention. In the 2024 government work report, it is pointed out that it is necessary to develop the digital economy high -quality and carry out the “artificial intelligence+” operation.In this context, the demand for artificial intelligence application talents in various industries is also increasing. The popularization of artificial intelligence education in young people has not only become an important part of the current field of education, but also becoming a key factor in the continuous upgrading of China’s digital economy industry.Essence

Based on this, Tencent Cloud and Teng Quan Technology have reached cooperation. The two parties will give play to their respective advantageous resources and actively promote the landing of Tencent’s artificial intelligence education solutions across the country, help more schools to establish a sound artificial intelligence education course and teaching system, guide moreMore primary and secondary school students pay attention to technology, love technology, and enter technology, so as to further develop and reserve artificial intelligence top talents for high -quality development and reserve artificial intelligence in various industries.

It is understood that Tencent’s youth artificial intelligence education is a overall solution with artificial intelligence curriculum teaching as the core for teachers and students of primary and secondary schools across the country, including SAAS software platforms, curriculum resources, hardware teaching aids and laboratory construction, teacher training and teacher training, and teachers.The content of the event operation can further reduce the threshold for school teaching and help public school teachers offer artificial intelligence courses.

For example, in terms of teaching management platform, the solution integrates the four major platforms of Tencent Cloud -the teacher -oriented teaching management platform “Tencent Zhiqi Academy”, the domestic IDE tool platform “Tencent Ding Ding”, closely aggressive, closely aggressiveThe national AI curriculum standards “Tencent Zhiqi AI Experimental Platform” and the new smart classroom model “Tencent Zhiqiyun Control” created by the Internet of Things with the help of the Internet of Things have opened up all aspects of artificial intelligence teaching to help young people’s young people’s young people.Artificial intelligence education “increases efficiency and reduce burden”.

Not only that, this plan also aggregates Tencent AI LAB, Tencent Youtu Laboratory, Tencent Zhi Ling and other Tencent’s leading artificial intelligence laboratory resources. It can provide AI core technologies and the most cutting -edge AI application cases for curriculum development, so that the most the most.Advanced artificial intelligence knowledge entered the classroom as soon as possible.

In addition, Tencent’s youth artificial intelligence education solutions can also provide a variety of events such as national and local NOCs, Dream Chasing Dream Camp, to form a all -in -one ecological mechanism, which can further mobilize the enthusiasm of participating students and teachers, and provide outstanding teachers and students with excellent teachers and studentsExit.

At present, Tencent’s youth artificial intelligence education solutions have been landed in many cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wenzhou, etc., covering more than 10,000 primary and secondary schools across the country, helping more than one million primary and secondary school students to learn artificial intelligence education courses, and truly artificial intelligence education is truly ended.To reality.

Taking Guangzhou as an example, as an artificial intelligence education demonstration area, the Guangzhou Education Bureau expects the popularization of high -quality and efficient artificial intelligence education for primary and secondary schools in the city.需求之下,腾讯青少年人工智能教育解决方案为广州中小学1-8 年级提供了人工智能课程教学平台、教师培训和资源配套服务,满足了全市人工智能课程师资培养、教师教学、学生知识学习和Multiple needs such as experience.In one year, the city’s full coverage rate was completed, with more than 8,000 teachers, covering nearly one million students, and the project was also selected as one of the top ten people’s livelihood projects in Guangzhou.

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