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May 23, 2024

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The food logo must be seen clearly

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In response to consumers reporting the production date and shelf life of pre -packaged food (including food additiv

In response to consumers reporting the production date and shelf life of pre -packaged food (including food additives) and the shelf life of “difficult to find, unable to see, not easy to calculate”, recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration issued the “About Food Enterprise to optimize pre -packaged food production date date”Announcement of the shelf life label logo” promotes food companies to actively take targeted improvement measures to facilitate consumers to clearly identify.

The marking text is too small and dense, and the fonts are irregular; transparent packaging prints ash, purple packaging printing black characters, and you can see it if you find it.It is necessary to calculate the date of expiration … For a period of time, problems such as the production date and shelf life of pre -packaged food on the market frequently appeared frequently.inconvenient.

There are many regulations on the label logo on food outer packaging. If the Food Safety Law clarifies the matters that the label should be indicated, the “Food Logo Management Regulations” requires that the food logo should be clear and eye -catching., Make consumers easy to identify, read, etc.To put it fairly, it is not realistic to be completely consistent with food labeling. After all, there are many types of foods, and the size and packaging style are different. The law only specifies the food labels in general.However, the small label is closely related to food safety. It is related to the vital interests of consumers. The merchants must take it seriously and must not be “freely played.”

Food labels should be clear and easy to read, and people must be clear and understand.This time, the regulatory authorities have proposed optimized improvement measures for food companies from multiple aspects.For example, in order to facilitate consumers to find, for the use of “see a certain location of the packaging”, the position is clear, obvious, accurate, and easy to find;The obvious form is clearly marked, and technologies and equipment such as codes and printing are improved to ensure that the marking content is durable and clear. This not only facilitates consumers to read, but also avoids the production date of production or tampering to ensure its authenticity.In addition, enterprises are encouraged to clearly mark the shelf life date of the year, month, and day in order to facilitate consumers.It can be said that these measures are very targeted, helping to effectively protect consumers’ right to know and enhance consumer convenience.

Food labeling is an important basis for consumers to choose goods. Only by standardizing and accurate consumers can buy with peace of mind to buy.I hope that food companies can actively rectify in accordance with the content of the announcement specifications. At the same time, we must be more deeply realized that only by consumers as the center, everything starts from consumers and penetrates the concept of “consumers first” to the entire process of production and operation.Realize their own interests and long -term development.

Source: Rule of Law Daily-rule of law network

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