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The person in charge of the relevant Division of the General Administration of Market Supervision answered the reporter’s question on the "Notice on Strengthening the Prefabricated Food Safety Supervi

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Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Informa

Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry, the Ministry of Commerce, the National Health and Health Commission and other departments jointly issued the “Notice on Strengthening Prefabricated Food Safety Supervision and Promoting the High -quality Development of the Industry” (hereinafter referred to as “”Notice “), the responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the General Administration of Market Supervision answered questions from reporters on the relevant situation of the” Notice “.

Reporter: What is the background of “Notice”?

answer:The prefabricated vegetable industry is an emerging food industry that has developed rapidly in recent years, showing the characteristics of deep integration and development of the first, secondary and tertiary industries. Its industrial chain is long, widely related, and high technical requirements.All aspects have positive significance.However, prefabricated dishes are also facing problems such as generalization, inconsistent standards, inconsistent scope of industrial policy support, and pre -preservatives to add preservatives in prefabricated dishes. Supervision work faces new challenges.The “Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the key work of the key work of comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization in 2023” proposes to cultivate the development of the prefabricated vegetable industry.The Market Supervision Bureau and other departments conscientiously implement the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and study and formulate the “Notice” around the development of the prefabricated vegetable industry, public concerns and regulatory needs, and aims to further strengthen the prefabricated food safety supervision and promote the healthy development of the prefabricated vegetable industry.Ensure food safety of the people.

Reporter: What is the main content of “Notice”?

answer:The “Notice” mainly includes 4 aspects.First, the definition and scope of prefabricated dishes at the national level is the first time.Vigorously promote the use of prefabricated dishes in the catering link to protect consumers’ right to know and choose.The second is to improve the construction of the prefabricated standard system.The national standards of food safety, as well as quality standards such as food safety, and quality standards such as rigorous and uniform food production and processing, refrigeration and cold chain logistics, as well as quality standards such as prefabricated terminals and product classification.The third is to strengthen the supervision of prefabricated food and food safety.Strictly implement the responsibility of the enterprise’s main body and the responsibility of the territory, and effectively protect the food safety of prefabricated vegetable products.The fourth is to promote the high -quality development of the prefabricated vegetable industry.Continuously enhance the capacity of high -quality raw materials, improve the level of research and development of key technology innovation, accelerate the application of advanced production technology and equipment, and create a good industrial development environment.

Reporter: How to understand the range of prefabricated dishes?

answer:Prefabricated dishes are also known as prefabricated dishes, and their scope should be both prefabricated and dishes.On the one hand, highlighting the characteristics of industrialization pre -processing.The prefabricated dishes should have the characteristics and requirements and requirements of food production and processing and processing and processing and processing and processing and processing and processing and processing and processing of large -scale food industrialization.Enterprise production prefabricated dishes shall obtain food production permits in accordance with the law, comply with the state’s relevant requirements for pre -packaged food laws and regulations and standards, and strengthen the risk management and control of purchase inspection, process control, factory inspection, storage and transportation, and sales and use.Considering that chain catering companies are widely used in the central kitchen model, their self -production and net dishes, semi -finished products, and finished dishes delivered to their own stores should meet the laws and regulations and standards of food safety.The dishes made in the central kitchen are not included in the range of prefabricated dishes.On the other hand, highlight the attributes of dishes.After simply processing such as cleaning, peeling, and cutting, unprecedented clean vegetable foods are edible agricultural products and do not belong to prefabricated dishes.Speed -frozen rice food, convenient food, box lunch, lunch, lunch, steamed buns, cakes, meat crickets, bread, burger, sandwiches, pizza and other staple food products are not prefabricated.In addition, the definition emphasizes that it can be consumed after heating or cooked system.Heating refers to the process of heating food to the edible state, that is, a simple heat repetition of the products that are already prepared and cooked before consumption.The cooked system refers to the process of cooked food by stir -frying, frying, baking, boiling, steaming, etc., that is, it is not fully cooked during the pre -processing stage, and it is necessary to be eaten after the system is thoroughly cooked.Edible foods that can be edible without heating or cooked, and cold dishes such as vegetables (fruits) salads that can be edible are not prefabricated.

Reporter: What do you think of prefabricated dishes without adding preservatives?

answer:The first is to adhere to the people -centered and satisfy consumers’ higher expectations for prefabricated dishes.As a “three meals a day” for the majority of consumers, consumers are very concerned about the use of preservatives for prefabricated vegetables while pursuing fast, convenient and delicious.Although prefabricated dishes are industrialized prefabricated, they still belong to the category of dishes. Consumers generally do not add preservatives during the cooking process of dishes. It is stipulated that without adding preservatives in prefabricated dishes is more in line with consumer expectations.The second is to take into account the actual situation of the industry and lead the high -quality development direction of the prefabricated vegetable industry.Food additives “do not need to add”, “the use of food additives in food” has gradually become an industry consensus on the premise of achieving the expected effect as much as possible.Prefabricated dishes are processed by freezing, refrigerated and other storage conditions and after germicidal processing processes.The third is to strictly abide by the safety bottom line and meet the requirements of prefabricated risk management and control.In the process of production, storage, transportation, and sales, prefabricated dishes have high requirements for environmental, temperature, humidity, and light. The full -chain food safety risk management and control should be strengthened. Different categories of prefabricated dishes should strictly meet the corresponding frozen refrigeration and other conditions., To ensure food safety.

Reporter: What are the considerations to use prefabricated dishes to vigorously promote the use of prefabricated dishes?

answer:Promoting the use of prefabricated dishes in the catering link is an important measure to protect consumers’ right to know and choose, and respond to social concerns.Article 8 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that consumers enjoy the right to know the real situation of their purchases or services they buy, use.At present, consumers generally pay attention to the use of prefabricated dishes in the catering link, and look forward to publicizing the use of prefabricated dishes.

Reporter: What are the main measures for strengthening prefabricated food and food safety supervision?

answer:Strictly implement the “four strictest” requirements, based on market supervision positions, and strengthen the supervision of food safety supervision of prefabricated food.

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