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May 24, 2024

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The safety diagnostic service of provincial enterprises is here, and manufacturing enterprises will experience free "health examinations"

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This year, Guangdong will carry out safety diagnostic services for enterprises in the provincial indus
This year, Guangdong will carry out safety diagnostic services for enterprises in the provincial industry and informatization fields to provide free “health checkups” for manufacturing enterprises.
Guangdong Manufacturing Digital Transformation 50 People Conference No. 7 round table will be held
On April 16th, the “Guangdong Manufacturing Industry Digital Transformation 50 People Conference” and China Mobile Communications Group Guangdong Co., Ltd. (the third rotating chairman unit of the “50 people”) held the 7th round table for the “50 people” to jointly focus on the joint focus.Digital transformation and information security in the context of high -quality development in the manufacturing industry, and in -depth discussions on the safety needs and effective solutions in the digital transformation process of manufacturing enterprises.
The person in charge of the relevant department of the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province stated at the meeting that, as a large manufacturing province, Guangdong Province is actively promoting the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy.EssenceHowever, in the process of digital transformation, information security issues are increasingly prominent, and it has become a key factor restricting the high -quality development of the manufacturing industry.This year, the provincial -level industrial and informatization enterprises’ safety diagnosis services will be carried out to provide free “health checkups” for manufacturing enterprises.
Promote the development of industrial security in the province’s high -level and high standards
At present, many companies in Guangdong Province are facing many problems and difficulties in the process of digital transformation.In this regard, Guangdong Province has carried out a series of core key research projects to build independent controllable service ecology, strengthen data security management in the industrial field, and sort out the province’s information security industry maps and industrial development capabilities.
Dai Yan, a fourth -level investigator at the Industrial Internet Division of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, said that this year, it will also carry out the safety diagnostic services of enterprises in the provincial industry and informatization in the information technology field to provide free “health checkups” for manufacturing enterprises.
Lu Levin, senior deputy dean of the Five Electronics and Systems Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, believes that Guangdong, as a major manufacturing province in the country, has a higher degree of digitalization of industrial enterprises and a large number and strong strength.At the same time, Guangdong is located in two cutting -edge “forefronts of reform and opening up, cutting -edge of ideology,” the demand and frequency of attack on data cross -border circulation are high.Lu Lavin said that the number of Internet attacks related to the Industrial Internet in Guangdong Province has found that the number of Internet attacks related to the Internet has exceeded 20 million, involving thousands of enterprises, mainly concentrated in Guangdong’s superior industries such as electronic information and electrical machinery.In this regard, he suggested that basic protection should be done, reducing the shortcomings of network security, coordinating development and security, creating a continuous improvement security management system, and focusing on improving the intensity of network users from the aspects of thinking habits and behavior habits.
In order to allow the guests to have a more symbolic perception of the network space confrontation, a simulation attack video of a car manufacturing company also played at the conference site. From the perspective of hacking attacksThe overall network attack process of the monitoring layer enables the guests to recognize the business impact of network security risks.
“Yuan Trust” Cyber Security Insurance uses financial solutions to leave a security risk for enterprises
“Yuan Trust” network security insurance is the focus of recent attention. Many companies have used this technology to ensure corporate network security.Wang Guoyu, a senior security technical expert of China Mobile Communications Group, said that in the face of a real -fusion of complex network information security situation, China Mobile takes the “identity and trust” as its core, based on the entire network to create super SIM, super SIM gateway, personalized personalizationStar security products such as traffic control and global security operation have formed a complete “meta -trust” security solution to achieve the three -way effect of network security with unknown business systems, unreachable attack threats, and unknown system assets.The “Yuan Trust” network security insurance uses financial solutions to leave a security risk for enterprises.
Regarding the safety operation and custody of small and medium -sized industrial enterprises, Jiang Chaohua, a senior consultant of Liutai Technology, believes that at present, the company does not fully agree with the actual value of safety construction. When the safety construction budget and planning, the three major pain points are “no money without money.”No one” and “no technology”.In this regard, he proposed that “the idea of integration of operation, maintenance and security”, and binding industrial digital assets to the maintenance and safe transportation of safe transportation, forming a model of industrial digital asset -oriented custody, and building an operating custody service center for SMEs.Carry out safety early warning analysis and business asset health testing and fault positioning. Through the minimum safety cost, small and medium -sized enterprises can effectively solve the safety operation and maintenance problems in the business production process, and integrate production and safety.
Regarding the issue of security development trends in the industrial field, Li Yaohua, deputy dean of the Guangzhou Branch of Guangzhou Institute of Information and Communication, believes that the communication industry, as the carrying road of the security development of the industrial field, has superimposed various types of security facilities, security standards, and security policies.Information development provides the foundation.In the deployment of 6G, security has become an endogenous problem and has an important position.With the accelerated development of digital transformation in the future, the industrial security field will continue to grow at high speed.
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