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The development of outdoor sports embrace healthy life and outdoor sports industry is huge

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Outdoor sports are connected to the people's livelihood and the economy.In recent years, with the improvement of economic and social development and l

Outdoor sports are connected to the people’s livelihood and the economy.

In recent years, with the improvement of economic and social development and living standards, people have increasingly paid attention to health and quality of life, and favored leisure and sports methods close to nature. The development of Chinese outdoor sports has ushered in spring: ice and snow, road running, riding, off -road, camping, etc.Showing explosive growth; “post -90s”, women, parent -child families have become the main consumer forces; professionalism, lightweight, and playability lead to a new trend of consumption.

Overview of the outdoor sports industry: The project is rich and diverse to meet the needs of different types of people

Outdoor movement was born in Europe in the 18th century, and first existed in the form of adventure and scientific investigations.After the “Second Industrial Revolution” in the middle and late 19th century, social problems such as the increase in urban population and accelerated production rhythm were prominent. Outdoor movements gradually evolved into a leisure activity with a short period of time to get rid of modern industrial civilization.During World War II, outdoor skills and equipment such as climbing, climbing, camping, etc. have made great progress in the army. With the post -war economic recovery, outdoor sports took the lead in realizing popular development in Europe and the United States.Organization and outdoor competitions begin to appear.

Outdoor sports subdivision projects are rich and diverse. According to different natural environments, they can be divided into land, mountains, water, ice and snow, air sports and camping activities and outdoor games.Three categories to meet the needs of different types of people -professional outdoor sports often have a bad environment and require participants to meet the professional level in physical fitness, psychological quality, and technical equipment; conventional outdoor sports have relatively low professional requirements, which have some challenges and challenges andAdventure; leisure outdoor movement is mainly experience and relaxation, and adapts to the broad crowd.

According to the professional version of Tianyancha, as of now, my country has more than 279,000 outdoor sports related enterprises; of which, from January to February 2024, more than 7,000 newly registered related enterprises have increased by 3.9%compared with the same period of 2023; In terms of geographical distribution, Zhejiang, Guangdong (tied first), Henan and Shandong, the number of outdoor sports related enterprises ranks among the top, with more than 41,000, more than 17,000, and more than 16,000.Judging from the establishment time, 45.9%of the relevant enterprises were established within 1-5 years, and the relevant enterprises established within 1 year accounted for 25.1%.

The current status of the development of the outdoor sports industry: from flying plate, camping to skiing, diving, bungee jumping professional and leisure

With the pursuit of quality of life, the popularity of outdoor sports is getting higher and higher.In 2023, more people poured into nature and feel the fun of outdoor sports.From flying plates, camping to skiing, diving, and bungee jumping, outdoor sports and equipment are becoming more and more professional and hard -core, attracting more and more young people to join it.

In terms of development support, with the improvement of people’s lives and income levels, outdoor sports consumption has gradually become an important consumer area for people to pursue health and quality of life.From 2022 to 2023, my country’s outdoor movement showed explosive growth, driving the rapid development of the industry.According to data from the “China Outdoor Sports Industry Development Report (2022-2023)”, in the first half of 2023, the order volume related to outdoor sports increased by 79%compared with the same period in 2022. Compared with the same period in 2019, the order volume increased by 221 221%; In 2022, the market size of China’s outdoor products industry has reached 197.1 billion yuan, and it is expected to increase to 240 billion yuan in 2025.Various signs show that my country’s outdoor sports industry is growing rapidly, and my country has become one of the countries with a rapid growth of the global outdoor sports industry.

With the deep integration of national fitness and the health of the whole people, as the outdoor sports industry that meets the needs of the people into the golden development period, the expansion of market scale and the coexistence of content quality have become important features.Skiing, surfing, diving, climbing, climbing, riding, road running, fishing and other outdoor sports have gradually become a new choice for people to return to nature and relax.In 2022, the “Outdoor Sports Industry Development Plan (2022-2025)” jointly issued by the State Administration of Sports and the National Development and Reform Commission showed that as of the end of 2021, the number of outdoor sports participants in the country had exceeded 400 million. By 2025, 2025The total scale of the annual outdoor sports industry will exceed 3 trillion yuan.

From the perspective of user portraits, compared to the portrait of sports outdoors (including sports and outdoor sports), the portrait of user portraits found that outdoor sports, especially the leisure outdoor sports in recent years, showed the following obvious features:

The proportion of post -90s and post -80s.In comparison, in outdoor sports, the proportion of college students and middle-aged and elderly groups is relatively small, but the “80s” represented by parent-child families and middle classes and the “90-95” groups that enter the workplace and catch up with the trendIt constitutes a more core part.Consumers of these two ages have a certain economic foundation, have stronger consumption power, and have more demands for quality life.

Women’s proportion is greater.Different from traditional balls, fitness or mountaineering, hiking projects, outdoor leisure sports under the new trend attract more female players to participate. The proportion of women has reached 2/3, and “exquisite mothers” have become one of the important labels.

The proportion of first -tier cities has a greater proportion.In the first -tier and new first -tier cities, regardless of the consumption power, or the pursuit of quality life and trendy things, 65%of outdoor sports participants have concentrated their preferences. Their preferences affect the wind direction of the entire outdoor sports consumer market;The current penetration rate of fourth -tier cities is low, and it is a high potential area for future market growth.

Analysis of outdoor sports industry chain: The sense of technology has a wide range of sales networks

The upstream and upstream of the outdoor supplies industry chain include raw materials and finished products, and downstream include branders and retailers.

The upstream raw materials mainly include chemical fiber, fabric, metal, rubber silicone and other auxiliary materials.The core competitiveness of the upstream is the differentiated functional products brought by proprietary technologies, such as the multi-functional fabric GORE-TEX produced by the United States Gore, which has the four major functions: waterproof, airproof, breathable and durable.Outdoor clothing.

The finished products of the midstream include outdoor shoes and clothing, equipment, equipment and accessories, and are mostly labor -intensive industries. Due to domestic labor cost advantages, there are a large number of foundries in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Fujian, Qingdao and other places.For example, Zhejiang Nature, Mu Gao Di, and Jiayi shares have established long -term stable cooperative relationships with global leading brand owners such as Decathlon with the ability to develop the product control, delivery period and ODM product development and design capabilities, and grow together with high -quality customers.

The downstream includes brand owners and retailers. Retailers include professional retailers, such as Decathlon, Sanfu outdoor, US REI, German Globe Trotter. In addition to selling other outdoor brands, there are usually independent brands;Wal -Mart, Sam, Carrefour, etc.

Taking the charge clothes as an example, in the past year, the charge is a frequent visitor to occupy the hot search for outdoor sports. Whether it is because of the high price of a certain brand or the “self -heat” brought by outdoor sports boom, the charge is the “The core.

The jacket can not only cope with the complex and diverse outdoor environment, but also have multiple functions such as waterproof, windproof, warmth, breathability and wear resistance, which can well meet the needs of outdoor sports.At the same time, their design has gradually incorporated fashion and urban elements. It is not only suitable for professional or leisure outdoor sports, but also can be used for daily life scenes such as commuting and shopping to meet consumers’ multiple scenes.

According to public data from the Internet, in the fourth quarter of 2023, the online sales of assault clothing category increased by 1.4 times year -on -year, and online sales also increased by 1.3 times year -on -year.On the one hand: on the one hand, the assault jacket itself is more suitable for male outdoor sports and daily activities; on the other hand, the appearance of the fitting jacket has both the function of the function, which can not only meet the functionality, but also modify the figure.The image of the type is loved by more male consumers.

Tiansan Intellectual Property Information has exceeded a thousand patent applications related to assault clothes. As of now, 40 patent applications related to jackets have been associated in 2024.

Outdoor Sports Investment and Financing: Outdoor and Extreme Sports, Event Operations and Brokers, and Sports Products and Equipment.

Under the drive of outdoor sports such as skiing, camping, and hiking, outdoor sports have continued to attract market attention.

According to Tianyan Chaping financing information, the industry distribution of outdoor sports financing events is mainly outdoor and extreme sports, event operation and brokerage, and sports supplies and equipment, including 54, 15 and 10 respectively.

From the perspective of the regional distribution of financing incidents, the number of financing events owned by Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong is at the forefront, including 56, 23, and 12.

Judging from the round of financing incidents, the three rounds of the angel, the A round, and the Pre-A round ranks among the top, with 41, 31 and 14, respectively.

In addition, from the perspective of investment institutions, Bin Fu Capital, Dinghui Investment, and Pathfinder, the three institutions “shot” at the forefront, all have three investment records.

Future development: The continuous heating consumer demand has ushered in an opportunity for unprecedented development

With the continuous heating of consumer demand, the outdoor ecosystem of sports is ushered in unprecedented development opportunities.

On the one hand, hiking is becoming a new choice for modern people to escape fast -paced life, integrate into nature, and enjoy life.Walking through the mountains, urban streets, park trails, and even deserts is not only a movement, but also a life attitude.

Around hiking, jackets and sunscreens have become indispensable items for wardrobes. Hiking clothing supports the market for more than 8 stocks. Professional climbing and hiking shoes contribute 5 % of the hiking shoe market;Great potential, auxiliary equipment such as stream shoes, off -road running shoes, climbing sticks, and ice -chucks deserves attention.

In addition, in recent years, riding as a way of sports and social methods, the heat has continued to increase the scale of related categories.Diverse needs.From car bells, car locks to the code watch, paddy rack, to shelves and reflective stickers, each cycling is a personalized equipment show.

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