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This group of science students in their 20s are willing to be "scientific translation officers"

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These days, 27 -year -old Yang Yuanfan ran back and forth between the school's laboratory and the company, and continued to switch betw

These days, 27 -year -old Yang Yuanfan ran back and forth between the school’s laboratory and the company, and continued to switch between “doctoral students of science” and “young entrepreneurs”.He was used to promoting the working status of several scientific and visual projects at the same time, and felt that “the more busy and more excited”.

At the same time, he wants to overcome all kinds of problems: a short two -minute short film to a national development strategic book compiled by nearly 10 academicians in popular science, which requires him and the team to be in the planning stage.Fully eat the scientific principles; build the model of large scientific devices in our country through the computer, and then display the scientific principles in the form of video. There are many visualized technologies that need to be related …

Yang Yuanfan’s identity is a 2021 -level energy dynamic professional doctoral student of the University of Science and Technology of China. Although he is still a student, he has nearly two years of entrepreneurial experience and is also a member of the Youth Federation of Hefei.He led more than 10 young people to set up a company in the Kerco Gas Innovation Station in Shushan District, Shushan District, Hefei.Come out and presented the obscure scientific principles through a simple and beautiful way.

In fact, Yang Yuanfan has always been interested in communication and publicity related fields and knowledge.In 2020, he set up a student team to operate the official new media matrix of the undergraduate enrollment office of the Chinese University of Science and Technology. He increased more than 400,000 a year, and the number of short videos was more than 70 million.

In 2022, under the guidance of Teacher Liang Yan of the Arts and Science Research Center of the Chinese University of Science and Technology of China, Yang Yuanfan participated in a scientific art photography project -in The Lab, and established a scientific photography student team.They went deep into the top laboratory of the University of Science and Technology of China, used the lens to record the beauty of science and spread to the public.

In the process, the persistence and hard work of scientific researchers moved Yang Yuanfan and others.”They put the results of scientific research, hurrying to break through the science and technology ‘‘ stuck neck ’problem, and showed their scientific achievements in the second place.” Yang Yuanfan lamented.

10 laboratories ran before and after the LAB student team, from starting to shooting to the official exhibition for a year.In the end, in March 2023, the In the Lab team’s work was exhibited at the Art Education Center of the Chinese University of Science and Technology of China, and it was exhibited at the Anhui Provincial Art Museum in September of the same year to bring the beauty of China’s most cutting -edge scientific research results to the public.

During that time, Yang Yuanfan followed the In the Lab team to contact many scientists and found that every scientist had wonderful scientific stories and an urgent need for communication results.However, scientists are mostly characterized by words and sensitivity, and there are few teams in the market who understand their scientific achievements, so he sprouted a thought -whether we can be a person who helps scientists tell scientific stories and become a scientific story and become a scientific story and become a scientific story, becoming a person who has become a scientific story and become a scientific story, becoming a person who has become a scientific story and become a scientific story, becoming a good story, becoming a scientific story and becoming a scientific story and becoming a scientific story.”Scientific Translation Officer”?

In May 2022, Yang Yuanfan and several students from the University of Science and Technology of China established the company’s “Science and Technology Silicon Valley” Shushan Garden, which settled in the school, solved the problem of venue and enjoyed the corresponding subsidy policy and platform resources.Without care, he officially led the team to communicate with various scientific research institutions, hoping to help the public better understand the most cutting -edge scientific achievements in China.

As the technology has become more mature, Yang Yuanfan has also continuously expanded the core team. Wu Yilong, an alumni who has been fighting side by side with Yang Yuanfan, is responsible for the development of computer vision and AIGC technology; Wang Dakai went to Malaysia after graduating from Xiamen University.The founder, responsible for the development of 3D products; the first stop of Fan Kezun, who has studied in Singapore and the United Kingdom, came to the Yang Yuanfan team in the first stop of the work of returning home to work for 3D modeling; Sahaza Delis from Madagascar was a master of Chinese University of Science and Technology and a team of team sciencePhotographer …

On weekdays, this group of 20 -year -old friends will be brainstorming together.Yang Yuanfan also formed a scientific advisory group composed of more than 30 majors in various majors to facilitate communication with scientists and better understand the scientific principles.

He also strives to improve product standards and workflows.After getting a scientific visualization project, Yang Yuanfan will take a scientific consultant to the laboratory to communicate with scientists and understand the scientific principles. After planning the science and drawing script according to the material planning science, and then connect with the actor with the actor, polish visualization of visualizationThe details of the script outline determine the visual presentation form.In the end, the three -dimensional group, animation director, scientific consultant and other groups were all busy, making and delivered according to the needs of the teacher.

The team has performed a visual packaging packaging to a scientific research device in the second phase of the “Ziwu Project” of the major national infrastructure construction project. This device is a high -frequency dry scatter radar to detect the irregular ionization layer in the earth’s atmosphere.Irregular electrical ionizing layer detection north north of Weiyi.The monitoring object of scientific research devices -irregular electrical ionization layers are caused by the disturbance of the earth magnetic field of the solar storm. One of the animations to show this process.High requirements have been put forward on the shape and other details.

During the production process of more than 3 months, the video has been modified in 6 versions. Yang Yuanfan also fully felt the serious and rigorous scientists.

He introduced that at the beginning, the team considered from the perspective of aesthetics that the sun and the earth were placed in the same screen, and the shape of the fluid was used to simulate the solar storm, but the teacher believes that the distance and proportion of the solar and the earth, the performance of the solar storm is not enough.Science and accuracy.In the end, the team modified the animation mirror sharply, and used particles to express the solar storm, and realized both scientific and artistic.

In order to understand the scientific principles, the team members read a dozen papers and a large number of technical documents.In addition, in order to restore the scene where the scientific research device is located, the team collected and analyzed dozens of live pictures containing devices and terrain, and finally completely restored the three high -frequency dry scatter radar platforms located in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Jilin, respectively.The scenes have achieved the visual art effect that is difficult to achieve in real shots, while maintaining science and rigor.

This year, the “Lasuo” of the high -altitude universe observation station of the national scientific device produced a major scientific result -for the first time in the galaxy, the ultra -high -energy gamma ray bubble was found. Scientists successfully explored the formation of bubble structures.The visual task of this major scientific achievement was handed over to Yang Yuanfan’s team. They had to show the formation of gamma light, shot to the earth, and finally captured by “Laoso”.

Among them, the team used three -dimensional models to show the collision and friction of the large -quality star wind in the Milky Way, and the micro -particle continued to collide with the collision and accelerate the formation of the cosmic line.The scientific principles in mind depict them one by one.

“Following each work is actually fighting with your own psychology. It is best to polish it over and over again. Then find the students, professors and experts around him to review and suggest suggestions, and then continue to modify it.”Each time scientists present visualization into films, scientists show a surprise expression.”I never thought that my scientific achievements could be shown like this.” This made Yang Yuanfan’s team encouraged.

“From the beginning of the traditional promotional video to the current scientific visualization route, we have many ways to choose from, but we have abandoned many businesses that are very profitable in outsiders, such as short video account operations and business promotional videos.We have been thinking about what the team is suitable for doing. At present, what we have to do is to give full play to the advantages of scientific understanding and ability, focus on focusing, “Yang Yuanfan said.

He is also confident in the future of visualization.”Visualization is a special technology and track. It can be coupled with all walks of life. The domestic scientific visualization industry is still in its infancy, and it takes a long time to cultivate. As a startup team, we still have a long way to go.Let’s go. “But Yang Yuanfan believes that this road is the most suitable for them. With the continuous learning and exploration and self -innovation, this road will become wider and wider.

Yang Yuanfan feels that science itself is beautiful, and it is also worth displaying and spread in a beautiful way.As a young entrepreneur and pioneer, he only exposed to the knowledge of the scientific community. In his dream blueprint, he must learn more about scientific knowledge and develop more new visual technologies for scientific knowledge.The duties of “Scientific Translation Officer” spread China’s most cutting -edge science and technology in the world in the most beautiful way.

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