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Zhongxin Health | National Love Day: From liver cirrhosis to liver cancer, there is only "one step away"

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China News Network, Tianjin, March 18th (Sun Lingling) March 18 is the 24th "National Love Day". This year's publicity theme is "ear

  China News Network, Tianjin, March 18th (Sun Lingling) March 18 is the 24th “National Love Day”. This year’s publicity theme is “early prevention and early screening, away from liver cirrhosis.”Lu Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Tumor Hospital of Tianjin Medical University and director of the Prevention and Control Research Center of the Liver Cancer, has a close connection with the occurrence of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Although the number of liver cirrhosis patients in my country has shown a decline, the base is still huge. According to relevant literature statistics, about about relevant literature, my country is about approximately about the statistics of relevant literature. There are more than 7 million patients with cirrhosis. If these patients do not receive standardized testing and treatment, from liver cirrhosis to liver cancer, there may be only “one step away.”

  Know the liver

  According to Lu Wei, liver cirrhosis is a common chronic carrier disease. According to the statistics of 2023, in the 2023 statistics of the “Consensus Opinions of China’s Penal Diagnosis and Treatment”, among all liver cirrhosis, hepatitis B virus accounts for 71.1%, alcoholic alcoholic sexualityPatients with liver cirrhosis accounted for 11.27%, hepatitis C virus caused liver cirrhosis accounted for 8.1%, fatty liver caused liver cirrhosis accounted for 1.5%. In addition, bile stasis, metabolic disorders, blood circulation disorders, nutritional disorders, and hemospermia can also cause liver cirrhosis.

  It is understood that liver cirrhosis will not only cause damage to the liver, but also cause a series of complications. Common complications include ascites, esophageal stomach veins, rupture bleeding, hepatic encephalopathy (liver coma), liver and kidney syndrome, and liver and kidney syndrome, and liver and kidney syndrome.Liver cancer, etc., threatened life and health.

  Liver cirrhosis is transformed into liver cancer like this

  Lu Wei said that liver cirrhosis leads to a large amount of hepatocyte necrosis, causing the original liver fiber bracket that supports liver tissue to collapse, surviving liver cell growth, liver blood circulation system is also damaged, and liver tissue is continuously damaged and repairedThe DNA of liver cells is easily damaged during the process of regeneration, which increases the risk of proliferation and mutations in abnormal cells, and eventually transforms hepatic cirrhosis into liver cancer.In addition, the chronic inflammation and fibrosis environment of cirrhosis can also promote the formation of abnormal hyperplasia of cells and the formation of pre -cancer lesions.

  Hepatitis cirrhosis actively treats the disease reversible

  Lu Wei reminded that liver cirrhosis is not irreversible. For patients with early liver cirrhosis, active treatment of measures such as antiviral drug treatment, drinking, weight loss, and controlling blood sugar in time can delay or prevent the progress of liver fibrosis.It can even reverse liver fibrosis, greatly reducing the risk of cirrhosis and hepatocytate in the future.

  Actively and effective intervention for various complications is the key to cirrhosis.For patients with advanced liver cirrhosis, intervention can be intervened through joint medicine and surgery to delay the deterioration of the disease.For example, some drugs that can be used to protect liver and liver can be appropriately used to repair damaged liver cells and promote liver cell regeneration.For some aggravated jaundice symptoms, some yellowing drugs can be treated symptomatically to reduce liver function further damage.Patients with eligible conditions can also perform liver transplant surgery.

  In order to find out early discovery, pay attention to “regular testing”

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