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May 24, 2024

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Xiuning County: Strengthening the "Far Education+" model to promote the education of party members to go deep into practice

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China News Service Anhui News April 2 (Correspondent Hu Chengxue) Since the launch of the winter training of party members, Hui Ning County has
China News Service Anhui News April 2 (Correspondent Hu Chengxue) Since the launch of the winter training of party members, Hui Ning County has focused on training focus, focused on exerting the advantages of the electricity education platform, actively explored the “distant education+” model, and promoted the e -education far education educationThe organic combination of party spirit education, skills training, and serving the people will promote the quality and efficiency of party members’ education.
“Far Education+Party Education”, enhance education and training “heart effort”.Implement the “compulsory courses” system of long -range education of party members, and combine the systems such as “Fixed Learning Day” and “Concentrated Learning Day” of distance education with the “three meetings and one lesson”, theme party day and other party organizations to organize life systems.This remote education site understands the differentiated learning needs of party members in different fields through research and visits, questionnaire surveys, etc., in accordance with the “party member order, organizational dispatch” model, reasonably formulate long -range education program playback plans, adopt audiovisual teaching, communication and interactionOrganize party members to learn political theory, policy and regulations, typical experience, etc., and improve the quality and efficiency of party members’ education and training.At the same time, give full play to the advantages of the pioneer series platform, continue to optimize the creative content, focus on the WeChat public account of the “Xiu Ning Party Construction” and the Xiu Ning Pioneer website as the main position, open a learning column, and promptly push the party members to the party’s innovation theory, short videos, and WeChat party lessons.Waiting for content to ensure that party member education and training are all -round and full coverage.
 ”Far Education+Skills Training” to improve the “source motivation” of education and training.Pay close attention to the needs of party members and the development needs of the village -level industries.”The model, organize party members and masses to watch long -range education programs such as tea, chrysanthemums, spring water and fish and other characteristic industries.Give full play to the role of exemplary bases and characteristic industrial bases for far -reaching teaching. Through the development model of “distance education+company+branch+base+farmers”, remote education moves from classrooms to the fields, select experts from agriculture, forestry and other departments, and invite county regions.Internal breeding farmers, rich and rich hands to form an expert service group, through “face -to -face” concentration teaching, “handle handle” professor technology, “point -to -point” answering questions and other forms.Let the party members understand, learn, and use.Since the beginning of this year, relying on the Yuanjiao Demonstration Base, it has carried out various types of training in agricultural skills and practical technologies for more than 20 periods, and has trained more than 1,500 party members.
“Far Education+Serving the People” and enhance the “driving force” of education and training.Persist in the end of the effectiveness of serving the people to test the effectiveness of the winter training of party members, and promote the promotion of academic conversion in practice.Combined with the “Learning Modeling” activities and relying on the distant education sites, party members will organize party members to watch the deeds of outstanding Communists such as “The Twenty Representatives of the Party” and “Example 8”, guide party members to take the initiative to act, and create “advanced learning, advanced, advanced benchmarking advanced, advanced benchmarking advanced, advanced standardThe strong atmosphere of competing for advanced “.Combining practical activities such as “I do practical things for the masses”, actively extend the far -reaching teaching in the field of convenience services, form a party member volunteer service team, sign volunteer service commitment to guide the majority of party members to make their identities, bright commitments, and organize party members to actively carry out contradiction adjustmentsThere are more than 80 volunteer services such as road traffic persuasion, snow -removing ice and ice, etc., and more than 3,000 party members participated in the event.Expand the first -line learning practice classroom, rely on the party building microclocratic and carry out the concentrated visits of public conditions, rural cadres to enter the household to carry out “knocking on the door”, visit the masses of more than 10,000 households, solve the problem of “urgency and sorrow” in the production and life of the massesMore than 2,000 articles improve the “temperature” of winter training in the small people’s livelihood.(over)
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