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Create a first -class education office quality high school!Qingdao Chengyang No. 1 Senior High School provides students with high -quality and suitable education for students

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Peninsula all media reporter Zhang TongChengyang No. 1 Middle School is a national book incense campus, nationa

Peninsula all media reporter Zhang Tong

Chengyang No. 1 Middle School is a national book incense campus, national ecological civilization characteristics schools, and Shandong Provincial Teaching Demonstration School.

The school was established in 1917. After more than a hundred years of development, the school spirit of “pursuing excellence and rewarding the motherland” has formed a rich cultural heritage, and has cultivated tens of thousands of outstanding talents for the society.Many outstanding graduates such as Sun Yishu, the father of the “server”, and Zhang Digang, a well -known expert in the international world -renowned experts in Shenzhen Sea Petroleum Modeling Engineering, are deeply struggling in various fields.

At present, there are 66 teaching classes in the school, with 3,300 students and 310 faculty members.In recent years, schools have obtained the National Shuxiang Campus, National Ecological Civilization Education Featured School, National Youth Campus Football Featured School, National Defense Education Featured School, Shandong Province Teaching Demonstration School, Shandong Provincial Standardized School, Advanced Collective of Shandong Education System, Shandong ProvinceThe school -based research advanced units, Shandong Green School, Shandong Province Language Planning Demonstration School, Shandong Provincial Psychological Health Education Demonstration School, Shandong Star Cafeteria and many other honorary titles, successfully bid for the National Youth Information Olympics (NOI2026), for the schoolThe training of cutting -edge talents provides favorable conditions.

■ Lideshu people diverse educated people

Provide students with high quality and suitable education, so that students can enjoy the happiness of growth and talent

In recent years, the school has adhered to the school ideas of “people -oriented school, harmonious development” and the school -running concept of “laying the foundation for students’ life”, and strive to allow each student to enjoy the happiness of growth and talent, forming a “diversified education” school running schoolfeature.

In order to implement the new era of the Lideshi project, the school has extensively carried out the science and technology festivals, art festivals, reading festivals, sports festivals and colorful community activities, to refine students’ ability and character, and enhance social responsibility and family feelings.Promote the integration of knowledge and life through social practical activities and research activities, enrich students’ ideological connotation and enhance the realm of life.Hold colorful cultural activities such as “Sending You Poems in Spring”, “Poetry Conference” and “Graduation Ceremony”, increase students’ cultural heritage and inspire students to become more talented.

In recent years, a large number of students in schools have won awards in the National Olympic competition, middle school student leadership competitions, and scientific and technological innovation contests.The school art community has won the first prize of the art exhibition of primary and secondary school students in Shandong Province for four consecutive consecutive sessions, and the first prize of the Shandong Provincial Elementary and Middle School Art Festival.The men’s and women’s football team won the Shandong Middle School Football League, the Shandong Skills Football High School Championship, and the women’s football team won the “Mayor Cup” fourteen championship; in 2022, the men’s and women’s football championships in the school football league of Shandong Province, creating the two championships to createThe history of Qingdao won the double crown from the same school at the same time.Participated in the Shandong Middle School Student Debate Competition and won the first prize.In the past three years, more than 150 students have won awards in the National Olympic competition, and more than 60 students have won the first prize of the National Elementary School Innovation Composition Contest. Nine students won the title of “Middle School Student Leaders” in the National Middle School Student Leadership Competition.Since 2020, 65 students have been selected as the “strong base plan” in Qingdao.In March 2021, Mao Xiao, the winner of the 2012 graduate “Rhode Scholars”, was hired by the International Court.As a strong base base in Qingdao informatics, in 2023, he successfully bid for the National Youth Information Science Olympics (NOI2026).

■ Teacher morality is a first -purpose first

Build a high -level academic team team to take care of the spiritual world of each student

In recent years, Chengyang No.1 Middle School has actively strengthened teachers’ ethics education, and carried out activities such as “all -member education tutoring system”, “thousands of teachers visiting thousands”, “the most beautiful teacher selection” and other activities.The spiritual world of a student.Using platforms such as the “Chinese Education Society Experimental School” and “Shandong Provincial High School Famous School Alliance” and other platforms, they invite educational experts and famous teachers to gather school lectures, and choose cadres and teachers to train and study academic exchanges throughout the country.Continuously moving towards higher development goals.

Shanghai Jiaotong University and Chengyang No.1 Middle School Excellent Student Base.

In recent years, the school has created Qingdao Famous Principal Studio, Qingdao Teachers Studio and 12 district -level teachers, famous class teachers, and excellent teaching method studios.The competition, the national micro -course competition, and the National GM Excellent Class Contest won the first prize. Many teachers have become Orshand Gold Coaches, Excellent Instructor, Innovation Contest, and Outstanding Counselor in English Application and Innovation Writing Competition.At present, there are 2 senior teachers in the school, 2 outstanding teachers in the country, 2 provincial -level teachers, 9 provincial excellent teachers and teaching experts, more than 90 people including famous teachers, special teachers, subject leaders, and teaching experts.Various backbone teachers above the level account for more than 70%of the total number of teachers, creating a team of high -level academic teachers.

■ Teaching and Research Leading Reform and Innovation

Create high -efficiency and intelligent classrooms, the outstanding student group competes for development and inspirational

Chengyang No.1 Middle School insists on teaching and research with scientific research, promoting innovation with teaching and research, building expert guidance, famous school interaction, academic exchanges, teaching competitions and other platforms to promote teaching reform and innovation.The school has characteristics. “

In order to improve the quality of teaching, the school vigorously promote the construction of high -quality disciplines and improve the general level of teaching management.Highlight the status of students’ classrooms, implement the classroom teaching model of “first learning and then teaching, mutual assistance to exhibit learning”, implement teaching links such as “guidance, independence, academics, exhibition studies, evaluation, enlightenment, and testing”, and to build wisdomThe road of classrooms and high -efficiency classrooms has taken a solid step.

The school played the advantage of the “Qingdao Qiangji Program Base School”, unite the “strong base plan” community in the city and outside the city, set up the “Equipment Training Work Department”, and use the “Yanbo Park Education””Guide to form a” strong base plan “training team and characteristic experience.Excellent student groups are competing for development and inspirational talents, attracting experts from many key universities across the country to the school to hold an enrollment report meeting. Every year, Tsinghua University and Peking University enrollment leaders come to school to conduct face -to -face enrollment and learning guidance.

Each year, a large number of students are promoted to key universities such as “985”, “2111” and “Double First -class”. In the past 5 years, 17 students have been promoted to Tsinghua University and Peking University.Chuangban and other high -quality talents.In the past two years, many universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University and other universities have made good news for the outstanding performance of the school graduates in the university.In the college entrance examination in 2023, three students were accepted by Peking University. Eight students were admitted to the “C9” universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, and Nanjing University through a strong base plan. Nearly 140 students were accepted “985”, “211” andDouble -class universities have created the best results in the history of the college entrance examination in Chengyang District.

■ Elegant environment for facilities

Comprehensively enhance the conditions of running schools, and enjoy the learning and accommodation environment comparable to first -class universities

In recent years, the school has adhered to the development concepts of human -oriented thoughts and innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, planning the school’s hardware construction, and creating a first -class facilities, elegant environment, and harmonious humanities.The school has realized the management pattern of a teaching building in a class, and built into an excellent college entrance examination site in Shandong Province, so that most students can take the college entrance examination in our school.The school has continuously strengthened the construction of informatization, and has established intelligent teaching systems such as comprehensive evaluation and new college entrance examination management, which provides strong support for teaching and learning.Actively open an independent learning room, disciplinary inquiry room, open library, laboratory, and community activity rooms to create an excellent environment for students’ personalized and independent learning.The school has a high -standard gymnasium, academic lecture hall, and Tianwen Building. It has built a standardized restaurant that can accommodate more than 3,000 people and a modern apartment building with a construction area of 8,800 square meters.Air conditioning, heating, and water heaters are all available, allowing students to enjoy the learning and accommodation environment comparable to first -class universities.

In the new era, build a new journey.Aiming at the grand goal of “first -class quality, high -quality high school with satisfaction, and satisfaction of the people”, fully implement the party’s education policy, fully implement the fundamental tasks of Lideshu people, and continuously improve the competitiveness of core development.The ship, the blue waves who are teaching and educating people, science and education, and the country are going on the wind and waves.

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